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Silverlight for S60 5th edition now available along with a Bing App
Silverlight for S60 5th edition now available along with a Bing App

"Silverlight, a cross-browser, cross-platform implementation of the .NET Framework for building media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web on desktop computers, is now available for Nokia S60 5th Edition devices such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini."

Well, finally Microsoft released Silverlight for Nokia S60 5th edition smarpthones, and with the release of Silverlight comes the Bing Application based on Silverlight as you might guess. What exactly Silverlight means for the Nokia S60 5th edition smartphone owners, I am not sure, but I personally do not have some craving for Silverlight just for the fact that Silverlight is not used on many websites and the one's that use it, are orbiting very closely to Microsoft.

The upside of this is that now you will be able to view Silverlight content right from your Nokia S60 browser, which is a big plus. Other than that and the new Bing application, currently I don't see other uses for Silverlight on my Nokia N97, but this might be just for now. Who knows, maybe in time as more and more people start developing apps and content using Silverlight, I might be not as skeptical as I am now.

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Free App: HappyNap for Nokia S60
Free App Download HappyNap for Nokia S60

Smart Valley Software just released free HappyNap application for Nokia S60 users. Based on patented technology and medical research, this innovative application helps users to take the most effective nap. Rested and refreshed feeling can be obtained easily with this kind of Power Nap: all that is required is to open the app and place the mobile phone in close proximity before falling asleep. It is not necessary to wear any equipment for this app to work. HappyNap uses the phone’s built-in microphone to monitor and analyze a user’s movements and sleep patterns, and thus to determine the best time to wake up from a nap. When the time is right, HappyNap will arouse the user from sleep with an alarm.

Don’t feel sleepy in daytime anymore - learn to take Power Naps! Naps are healthful and recommended by doctors. They improve memory and alertness. However, a long nap isn’t effective: if you enter deep sleep you may wake up sleepier than before the nap. HappyNap is the first app implementing Power Nap guidance in your mobile phone. Using awarded HappyWakeUp smart alarm clock technology it wakes you up at the optimal moment.

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DoD Mar 26th: Advanced Blocker for Nokia S60
Advanced Blocker for Nokia S60

Auto-reject blacklisted numbers, unsolicited calls and messages! Advanced Blocker is all-in-one solution to help you filter unwanted voice calls, video calls, text messages, MMS and WAP Push messages. You no longer need to turn off your phone just to avoid interruptions - just enable Advanced Blocker and leave it to the software to filter unwanted and unimportant calls and messages while you enjoy your privacy. Advanced Blocker (AB) is easy to set-up yet powerful filtering tool for unwanted or badly-timed calls and messages.

Get Advanced Blocker for Nokia S60 on March 26th for half the price, only $19.95

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DoD Mar 25th: Handy Weather for Nokia S60
DoD Mar 25th: Handy Weather for Nokia S60

Handy Weather is ready to make your life easier by providing the most accurate weather forecast service available for your S60 smartphone. All you need is wireless Internet access to get connected to weather forecast for 40,000+ preset cities worldwide. With extended feature set of Handy Weather nothing can be really unexpected for you!

Get Handy Weather on March 25th for only $12.48!

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Theme Gallery Widget for S60 5th editionBeta Testers Needed: Theme Gallery Widget for S60 5th edition

Symbian Themes have cooked a small widget for S60 5th edition Nokia smartphones that enables you to view and download themes. The Theme Gallery widget uses the Symbian Themes database to give you access to the themes that are compatible with your device. You can browse themes and use the download buttons to download the preferred theme file on your smartphone.

The Theme Gallery widget is tested on Nokia N97 but should work without any problems on Nokia N97 mini, Nokia X6, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia 5235 and Nokia 5230 Nuron.

If you are willing to test the Theme Gallery widged and share your thoughts, login with your Symbian Themes account and go to "My Account" where you will find the download link for the widget.

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DoD Mar 19th: SBSH Calendar
SBSH Calendar

Turn your Smartphone into a powerful time management system with SBSH Calendar. Enjoy innovative and compelling tools far beyond the default S60 Smartphone tools that will help you manage your busy schedule. Advanced calendar views, dedicated tasks manager, filters, powerful recurring items engine, category coloring and icons and much more!

Get SBSH Calendar for only $9.98 on March 19th!

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Free App: Gig Finder - Discover live music events
Free App Download: Gig Finder - Discover live music events

Gig Finder 
lets you search for concerts/ live music entertainment, purchase tickets directly from your mobile, and get relevant recommendations based on your music tastes and location (Location relevance currently available for USA, Canada, UK & Ireland).

Whether its international music stars, critical darlings, or upcoming buzzmakers, Gig Finder brings you smart recommendations and helps you find the information you need to get the best tickets for music events right from your phone.  Key features include:

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Free Game: Climate Mission for S60v5Download Free Game: Climate Mission for S60v5

In Climate Mission ’s ecologically themed puzzles, you can test your wits and learn more about climate change at the same time. First, you need to sort out the garbage for recycling – but you don’t have much time… Then plant trees in the savannah – if your aim is good enough! Help farmers in India to keep t heir fields cool using white rock, and finally, keep the air fresh with our friends the ants – they’re experts at storing carbon! Heaps of fun and lots to learn. Download Climate Mission now!

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Skype for Symbian phones available for download!Skype for Symbian phones available for download!

I think this is something that we have been waiting for a long time. Skype for Symbian S60 smartphones is finally out and available for download. You can get it at the download link below.

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Free Game: Ovi Maps Racing
Free Game Download: Ovi Maps Racing

Access your location, create a track and put the pedal to the metal. Ovi Maps Racing gives racing game enthusiasts a totally unique gaming experience combining map navigation and racing. Why not race on your home street? In addition to creating your own tracks in European cities, you can also choose from pre-defined tracks and check global rankings. Ladies and gentlemen, download and start your engines!

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