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Free App: TuneWiki for Symbian S60v5 Nokia smartphones
Free App Download: TuneWiki for Symbian S60v5 Nokia smartphones

Have you ever wondered "what is she singing?", or just wanted to read the lyrics of your favorite artist? Then TuneWiki Social Music Player is the app for you and your 5th edition S60 Nokia smartphone. TuneWiki combines a global community of music lovers with the most advanced music player in the world, allowing you to view lyrics in 'karaoke' style, see what others play around you, understand the lyrics in languages other than your own and check who else plays the music you play - around the corner or around the globe.

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Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta 2 launches with Twitter support
Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta 2 launches with Twitter support
Nokia released the Beta 2 of the Nokia Messaging for Social Networks app which is available for download on the Beta Labs website. The Social Networks free application comes with built in Facebook client and a Twitter client. Some of the features of the Social Networks app are: upload pictures and videos, view upcoming events, birthdays and import to device calendar, search friends and click-to-call / click-to-SMS / click-to-FB Email. We invite you to download and test drive this social networking client from Nokia Beta Labs. This is an early preview, currently available on Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, and Nokia 5800 devices, we will support more devices in the future. Unfortunately we were not able to use the client on our Nokia N97 because of some kind of bug that did not allow the app to connect to the Internet, so there will be no screenshots (shame on you Nokia). But hey there is always a cool promo video for you to watch before you give this app a test drive.

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Turn your Nokia into a sex toyTurn your Nokia smartphone into a vibrator

Here is an interesting free app for your Nokia S60 smartphones that many of you might like but it is generally intended for the female part of our readers. Vibrate is a simple free application by Pico Brothers that turns your phone into a sex toy using the built in vibrator. So if you are into a hurry and forgot to take your pleasure toy with you, this might come in handy and the developer promises that it works on all sizes and shapes (of Nokia smartphones of course).  And for the guys, it can spice up you bed experience or at least add some pleasure for your partner, or at least make your friends laugh ;-)

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Free DeviceInfo 2 Widget for S60 5th edition smartphonesFree DeviceInfo 2 Widget for S60 5th edition smartphones

The DeviceInfo widget displays more or less essential data about the S60 5th edition smartphone it’s running on. It’s a handy way to digg up the phone’s IMEI code, wireless MAC address and the current firmware version. This release is BETA and has been tested only the Nokia 5800 and N97. There is an update system built-in meaning you should be able to update it easily to a newer version whenever it comes out.

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iSearch for Nokia N97 and all S60 5th edition Nokia phonesiSearch for Nokia N97 and all S60 5th edition Nokia phones

iSearch for Nokia N97 and all other S60 5th edition smartphones is a very cool free search application that speeds up the task of searching for stuff on the mighty Internet. Type a word to search for and click the service of your choice and the widget launches the phone’s browser and loads the result. The widget remembers the last thing that you searched for and displays it in the text box when you start the widget next time.

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Key Lock Clock by Dr.Jukka for Nokia N97 / 5800 XpressMusic / 5530 XpressMusicKey Lock Clock on Nokia N97 Key Lock Clock on Nokia N97 Key Lock Clock on Nokia N97

Inspired by a feature found on some ot the Eseries phones by Nokia, Key Lock Clock by Dr. Jukka is an free application for the new S60 5th edition phones like the Nokia N97 / 5800 XpressMusic / 5530 XpressMusic but as the developer says it should also work on most S60 3rd edition mobile phones.

So what does Key Lock Clock do exactly? It enables you to see the clock when you press the application key on your phone. The light comes in for a few seconds enabling you to see what is the time, how many missed calls, SMS messages and MMS messages do you have and the best thing is you don't have to unlock your phone in order to see all that.

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Gravity on Nokia N97 - It simply rocks!Gravity on Nokia N97 Gravity on Nokia N97 Gravity on Nokia N97
Gravity is the first fully-featured and native Twitter client for the S60 platform. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica, posting of pictures via MobyPicture & TwitPic and wraps everything into a gorgeous looking interface.
This is what the site says and for a $9.95 application to find it's way into the S60 freeware blog it seems like a big deal and it really is. The first thing was to download Gravity and install it on our test phone the Nokia N97 and to be honest we did not expect much. After all it was presented as a Twitter client... But once we installed it, we found out it was more then that.

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Skype for 3 for Nokia N97 and 5800 XpressMusicSkype Nokia N97 Skype for 3 on Nokia N97 Skype Nokia 5800XM

Recently there has been a release of Skype for 3 mobiles now supporting Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 Xpress music mobile phones. This release of Skype for Symbian S60 5th edition mobile phones is limited only to the 3 network users and will not work on other networks. While we were able to install it on our Nokia N97 we were unable to sign in simply for the fact that we were not 3 subscribers but if you are, go download it and try it. It looks promising.

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Nokia built in email client + GMail = HeadacheNokia built in e-mail client Connecting to Gmail Updating mailbox

Here goes the story: Nokia N97/Nokia N96 both using the built in email client, my email account is on GMail, as most of the people out there simply for the fact that the simple interface of GMail combined with the powerful features can not be found anywhere else (my personal opinion). So after configuring the built in client for GMail i try to download my mail. Unfortunately on both phones I am unable to get the last emails and this problem has been going on for a while. The "Updating mailbox" message stays on for a few minutes but there are no newer mails on the phone. After trying whatever I could think of, I decided that there seems to be no solution on my problem, so I decided to drop a line to Nokia Support. And guess what, four weeks and no answer. Just perfect!

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PhoneTorch - Use your phone's LED flash as a torchPhoneTorch - Main screen PhoneTorch - Settings PhoneTorch - Morse code

How many times you have found yourself into the dark looking for the keys or something else. How many times you have used the camera key or the bright display of your mobile phone to light up the floor and find what the hell are you looking for. Well, I personally did all of those things so many times that I stopped counting. So now, there is a simple free application called PhoneTorch that uses the screen of your mobile phone or the LED flash of the phone's camera as a torch so that you can have the LED flash on for how long you like. There is nothing much to say about PhoneTorch for S60 5th edition mobile phones as the Nokia N97 and the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, except that it does what it is supposed to do very well. Although you might thing you don't need this application, PhoneTorch might save you some trouble when it comes to it.

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