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SkyFire v1.0 now available for S60SkyFire on Nokia N96"(MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) May 27, 2009 – Today Skyfire, the makers of the samename PC-like browser for mobile devices, is announcing the launch of its 1.0 version now available for free download at Over one million consumers have installed and used the Skyfire browser in just under five months, making it the fastest growing downloadable mobile browser in North America.This demonstrates the explosive consumer demand for exact-PC like full internet browsing on mobile devices." - From the official press release.

Skyfire 1.0 delivers the PC web, real fast

Skyfire remains committed to providing everything the PC web has to offer in a mobile experience with blazing fast speeds. For the first time, consumers can use their phones to watch any web video and live events, stay connected with friends, share web pages instantly, and use the full-featured PC versions of their favorite websites. Skyfire is the only mobile browser to support popular web standards and plug-ins such as Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Ajax, Javascript and more, so the rich media on websites work on phones just like the PC. Known for its speed, Skyfire launches quickly and loads web pages quicker than other mobile browsers.

Skyfire users can customize the start page with RSS feeds from their favorite websites. In addition, they can integrate their Facebook and Twitter accounts to import status updates and tweets, and easily publish their status to these networks. Skyfire is the only mobile browse to share and publish any web page to Facebook and Twitter networks with one click.

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SportyPal for Symbian S60 and UIQSportyPal for NokiaSportyPal for Symbian S60 and UIQ is an easy to use intuitive application for your Nokia or Sony Ericsson mobile phone. You activate it when you start your running, cycling, walking, rollerblading or similar exercise. In two simple clicks it will start to log and map your position, movement, distance, tempo and calories burned. It will not affect normal operation of your Symbian  device, so you can still listen to music, receive and initiate calls and messages.

When you finish exercising, the collected performance information will be stored on your mobile. Later you can review it, compare it with other exercises or check your best performance achievements. SportyPal will present each exercise in a map view, draw elegant graphics charts of your performance or present summarized information. SportyPal is intuitively designed to assist you improve your performance in running, cycling, blading, walking, skiing or other workouts involving similar activities.

The real brilliance of SportyPal comes with the web integration. You have a possibility to upload your workouts on the internet with a simple click of a button on your Symbian S60 or UIQ mobile device.

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Speedy Go! for Symbian S60Speedy Go! for Symbian S60Speedy Go! for Symbian S60 is not a freeware application to be clear, so what it is doing here on this blog? Well this may concern all those who considered buying it, a few thoughts that may or may not change their minds or bring some insight into this peace of software offering device acceleration as the developer describes it:

"Speedy Go! improves the performance of Symbian S60 smartphones by display acceleration and overall speed boost. The provided Speed test feature serves to estimate the normal phone speed and the speed gain achieved by acceleration.

Speedy Go! is compatible with and can provide speed boost on all Symbian S60 smartphones by Nokia, Samsung and LG, including the latest touch-screen devices, like the Nokia 5800 and N97, and the Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD). "

Well we have tested it on Nokia N96 and we must say that it really does work in a way but once you have the phone accellometer turned on for example the auto rotate of the phone display this application slows the phone down.

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Wizi - Instant location sharing for SymbianWizi - Instant location sharing for Symbian

Wizi is a free instant location sharing service for Symbian S60 mobile phones. Wizi for Nokia Symbian S60 enables you to view your location on Google Maps and share it with your friends using SMS or E-Mail messages. You can not only use Wizi to tell your friends where you are, but to arrange where you should meet. This kind of free location sharing application is great and I must say I am very excited to find souch service and wow, what can I say it is free.

Wizi installed on your Symbian S60 phone, like the Nokia N96 is perfect when you roam the streets of a city you have never been in. From personal experience I know that whenever me and my friends go somewhere rather then our hometown everybody gets lost somehow or we get separated. With Wizi this is not a issue at all. So after testing the application for a few days, I must say it is a must have on every GPS enabled Symbian S60 Nokia mobile phone.

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SymTorrent, a free S60 torrent clientSymTorrent on Nokia N96"SymTorrent is the first and currently only BitTorrent client for Symbian OS. It supports downloading multiple torrents at the same time, is capable of both downloading and uploading and can save the status of your unfinished torrents, so you can resume the downloads after restarting the application. You can also check the status of each file inside a torrent along with several other statistics and properties during download. Torrents can be started from the browser, and selecting the files that are downloaded from multi file torrents is also supported." - from the developer.

SymTorrent installed on a mobile phone as in our case Nokia N96 running Symbian S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 2, turns your phone into a basic torrent client enabling you to download what ever torrents you want on the go. Provided you have access to open Wi-Fi networks, you will be able to download while drinking coffee with your friends at your favorite cafe or anywhere if you have a good data plan with your provider. All in all in the few days we tested this application on our Nokia N96 it performed well, we were able to download music, videos and other things easily and if you have a good player on your phone it becomes a mobile multimedia computer, where ever you go!

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Nimbuzz for Nokia S60Nimbuzz for Nokia S60
Nimbuzz Mobile for Nokia S60 lets you call, chat, message, and send files on the go from your Nokia Symbian S60 3rd edition or 5th edition mobile phone, for free. It combines all your buddies from Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, Facebook and more. One login, one contact list, all accounts.

See who´s online and where, call/group-call, chat/chatrooms, offline messaging, send photos/music/video, voice messaging. Nimbuzz Mobile free to download and use. Nimbuzz will not charge or bill you for anything. However, since Nimbuzz uses your internet connection, incremental data charges from your provider will apply. We therefore strongly recommend to use the mobile client only with a flat-rate data plan or free Wi-Fi connection.

Nimbizz Mobile installed on a Nokia S60 mobile phone, works good and supports both landscape and portrait mode, so you can use the full qwerty keyboard on your Nokia 5800. The programs is basically a direct rival of Fring for mobile which we have used with some minor problems especially on the Nokia E71 but on other devices like the Nokia N96 Fring worked just fine. We have tested Nimbuzz Mobile on Nokia N96, Nokia 5800 and Nokia E71 and we can say that it is what it says to be, so this one is staying on the phone unlike other software we have tested before, install, test, delete.

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Get reminded for missed calls, SMS messages or battery charging with Total PatrolTotal Patrol on Nokia N96If you are a guy that usually ignores his phone, or happen to receive an SMS and don't be aware of it or simply forget to charge your battery and end up with a dead phone, Total Patrol for Nokia Symbian S60 3rd edition and Symbian S60 5th edition mobile phones is the perfect free piece of software to have it on your phone.

What Total Patrol does is simply reminding you again and again about your missed calls, unseen SMS messages and by my personal opinion charging your phone battery.

These might seem simple things but Total Patrol might come very handy on your mobile phone.

Before you install Total Patrol on your Symbian phone you will have to sign it with Symbian Open Signed Online. Once you do that you can install it on your phone. When you install it you will have change to configure every option of the program's behavior on your phone, for which things you want to be alerted to and how often. You can even choose a ringing tone of your liking so that you can distinguish the types of alerts more easily.

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SMS Preview for Nokia Symbian S60SMS Preview - New message on Nokia N96SMS Preview for Nokia Symbian S60 powered mobile phones is a free application to download and use from the winner of the 2009 GSMA mobile innovation award winner for best mobile consumer application.

The SMS Preview application when installed on a Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phone like in our case the Nokia N96 Feature Pack 2 mobile phone, gives you the ability to preview received messages without opening them. Quite a neat function having in mind that you need to unlock your phone and click the Show button using the conventional way most of the time.

SMS Preview comes with the option of controlling how long should the preview of the SMS message stay on your phone display and it is configurable between 30, 45, 60 seconds and showing the message permanently on your phone screen until you click some buttons on the phone.

The SMS Preview application needs to be activated before you start to use it, the application once installed on your phone sends an SMS message to a number with your IMEI.

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Google Translator Widget for Nokia S60Google Translator Widget for Nokia S60Google Translator Widget for Nokia S60 3rd edition and the new 5th edition Nokia phones like the Nokia N97 and the 5800 XpressMusic is a free and I must say very useful widget for your Symbian phone that will make quick translations possible anywhere in just a few clicks on your phone.

One very useful features is the auto-detect language feature that I personally liked a lot. You do not have to select the input language just the one you want the text translated to.

The Google Translator Widget for Nokia Symbian S60 phones needs a internet connection because it uses the Google Translate beta service provided by Google on their website. But since Wi-Fi connections and mobile internet are not a big problem these days you will have no problems using this. Even if you have a phone without a data plan the bandwidth used by the Google Translator Widget is so little that it will have no effect on your monthly bill.

Although we said a lot of positive things about the Google Translator Widget there are some cons if they can be called that. The Widget does not support site translations, but for that you can always open the built in browser in your Nokia phone and use the online service for your more specific needs.

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MoBots for Symbian S60 3rd editionMoBots for Symbian S60

MoBots are small applications that you can build in your phone using a very simple graphical interface. They act automatically on specific events like small robots. This is why they called them Mobile Robots or MoBots.

They are so simple, that only contain three types of bulding blocks:
Events - Yellow block that represent events capable to awake up your MoBot, like clock, incoming calls and sms, or enter a cell location or a bluetooth range..
Conditions - Green blocks that represents conditions that should occur when the MoBots receive previous event, to allow the execution of the task, like the active profile, time, or location...
Commands - Blue blocks that represents the actions will take place automatically when the above is true, like ring, vibrate, place a misscall, send an sms or mms.. etc.

So you can create several MoBots that responde by you to different daily situations and all are independently active or sleeping. To get more powerful, some MoBots actions may be to activate or disable others MoBots, so complex behaviours like games, can be created.

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