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WaterBox for S60WaterBox is an interactive fluid simulator that uses the built-in accelerometer of N95 8GB for capturing the direction of gravity, smoothed particle hydrodynamics for fluid simulation and an OpenGL metaball renderer for graphics. Below is a YouTube video of old beta version of WaterBox in action.

The current 1.00 version has improved rendering engine with better resolution and more detailed water. Gravity is also much more responsive to changes of phone orientation.

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Yahoo! oneSearch for S60Yahoo! oneSearch for S60Yahoo! just like Google has entered the mobile search race with the new oneSearch for Symbian S60 devices. If you happen to own some of the newly supported devices for which Yahoo! oneSearch is available you can download and try this application on you own.

One of the most noticable things about the Yahoo! oneSearch is the Search Assist, something that can not be found in the Google's application. The suggestion of keywords and possible search patterns the Yahoo! oneSearch is one step before Google's mobile search.

Unfortunately Yahoo's mobile search application is not available for the whole range of Symbian S60 devices, so if you own a Symbian S60 powered Nokia mobile phone you will have to go to the site and check if your phone is on the supported list.

We can only hope that the rival applications will make the progress much faster and soon all S60 devices will be supported. As for the alternatives the Y! oneSearch seems to take the lead for now.

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StopCall for S60 - Stop unwanted callsStopCall for S60 - Stop unwanted callsStopCall is a freeware application written in Python letting you to filter and automatically reject unwanted phone calls. Just add someone's phone to the list and the call will be instantly rejected so that it doesn't disturb you and the caller will hear a busy tone.

Setup is very simple, and there’s only “black list” to fill with numbers, either manually or by selecting contacts from the address book. In addition, there’s an option to reject the private/hidden numbers and/or even reject all incoming calls.

This software has been written in Python. You have to install Python for S60 in your phone prior to installing this application in order for this program to work. The SIS file is unsigned. You have to use Symbian's Open Signed Online to sign the program.

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Fake SMS MessagesFake Messages is a free fake message sending application that allows timed "sending" of fake SMS messages. So basically, Fake Messages just simulates a SMS on your phone at a certain date and time as a reminder. Note that SMS messages are handled inside the device, no network connection is needed and thus sending fake SMS messages are completely free of charge.

The application is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is to enter the phone number and the sender name that you would like the application shown when the SMS comes in. Once you have completed the message, set the time to schedule SMS message to be sent at chosen time and simply click 'Save'.

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Nokia Chat for Symbian S60Nokia Chat"Nokia Chat is more than just messaging. You can share your status and your location, giving you physical presence! Start a Nokia Chat with your friends with instant and voice messaging and finish it face-to-face. Get together with Nokia Chat – it’s where we are now."

Features: "Chat helps you hook up with no hassles by sending your real-time location in an instant message. This unique feature lets your friend pinpoint your position and share her own on Nokia Maps. Chance meetings with friends are made easy. Pick out your places on Nokia Maps and choose where you want to publish your presence. Chat automatically updates your location status when you arrive at your hangouts.
As well as sharing your location, you can edit your status with what’s going on and stay up-to-the-minute with your friends. Status symbols on Chat show when you’re available, on the phone, or away. Chat puts quick and easy instant messaging at your fingertips. You can also record and send voice messages to friends."

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GPS Mission - Free location based gameGPS Mission is a next generation mobile GPS game. This multiplayer scavenger hunt game will take you to the most interesting places around - for free (apart from mobile internet cost). Explore your world in a completely new and playful way with your GPS-enabled phone. Enter the community to show where you've been and what missions you solved.

GPS Mission supports Nokia (Symbian S60) and Windows Mobile (PocketPC) based phones. Follow the links for some more info. You need a phone with an internal GPS device or an external GPS device (Bluetooth "GPS mouse").

The game is played by running around outside - if there is no mission in your area. Check out the mission designer online. Create your own missions and challenge other players! Mission designer and further information available on

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Swiss Manager Pro for Symbian UIQ3Swiss Manager Pro for Symbian UIQ3Swiss Manager is a composite system utility for UIQ3. It provides task manager, file manager and system information services, giving you more access to and more knowledge about your phone. Swiss Manager has a free version with basic features, while the Pro version offers many extras for the advanced user. An essential addition to your UIQ3 device!

Swiss Manager can be installed and executed on all smartphones running on Symbian 9.x with UIQ 3.x. Compatible devices include P1, P990, M600, W950, W960 (SonyEricsson) and Z8, Z10 (Motorola).

The distribution package can be installed directly by using the PC install program, or after uploading the .sis file to the phone. Refer to your phone's User Guide for details on installing.

Swiss Manager has three separate view pages, each representing one of its three distinct ranges of functions. You can switch between the Task, File and System views by tapping their respective tab on the screen, or by the left/right arrow keys. The font size can be set separately for each view using the Edit/Zoom menu item.

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MyStrands Social Player for Symbian S60MyStrands Social Player for Symbian S60The award-winning MyStrands Social Player is a music player that lets you discover new music, connect with people, and share your tastes with friends. In this latest version 3.1, it now also supports scrobbling to!

It automatically shows cover art, provides artist and song recommendations from over 6 million songs featuring free previews, and fully integrates with a social network of music enthusiasts.

The innovative "Who's Listening" feature lets you discover like-minded people who like listening to the same songs you are playing. You can send messages, discuss up and coming artists, see the listening histories of other users, and keep an ear on what's hot.

The MyStrands Social Player won the Mobile Rules 2008 awards for the best multimedia application!!

MyStrands is now available on Nokia’s WidSets platform, bringing a new way to discover music and see what your friends are listening to, right on your cellphone.

In the two weeks MyStrands WidSet has been available, more than 65,000 users have downloaded it!

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Greedy Penguins for S60 / UIQGreedy Penguins for Pocket PC / SmartphoneGreedy Penguins is is an completely free mobile action game. The purpose of the game is to jump down through an infinite shaft of platforms, trying not to fall off the screen and get coins as more as possible.

Move the penguins with the arrow keys or Touchscreen, moving from platform to platform. "Life" decreases when you touch the pillards, but you can recover the "life" guage by eating fish.

If you are playing this game in multiplayer mode the objective is to get more coins than your competitor.

Playing this game you will find that it has a very good multiplayer mode, random maps coins and fish, very good music and sound effects.

It is compatible with all Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phones like Nokia E60,E61,N73,N81,N95 and  Symbian UIQ 3.x mobile phones like Sony Ericsson M600, P990, W950.

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Skype Mobile released for S60 3rd editionSkype Mobile released for S60 3rd edition Nokia mobile phonesIf you are into Skype and you like to stay online no matter where you go or you have previously used iScoot as a replacement for the real Skype application that was not released until recently here comes a real surprise. Skype has released Skype for mobile supporting Symbian S60 3rd edition Nokia mobile phones. Few months ago it was available only for Pocket PC and now finally for the S60 platform.

Although the Skype for mobile application is still in beta, it is useful and during my 3 day test of Skype for mobile I did not find any remarks. The only thing was that the application took a while to update the status of all my 417 contacts (I assume you don't have this much people on your contact list) but when connected through a Wi-Fi connection everything seemed to work just fine.

To install Skype for mobile go to the download page and fill the form provided. If you are S60 user with 240x320 display resolution download the Nokia N95 file it works on all S60 3rd edition mobile phone. For larger displays download the Nokia N80 file.

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