Tutorial: How to install Python on Symbian S60

Python for Symbian S60 3rd edition installed on Nokia NSeriesSince Python is gaining more and more interest among Symbian S60 developers and more and more applications are written in Python, it is almost a necessity to have Python installed on your Symbian powered S60 mobile device. That is why we decided to make a short tutorial about how to install Python on your Symbian device.

About Python
Python for S60 is Nokia's port of the Python language to the S60 smartphone platform. In addition to the standard features of the Python language, PyS60 provides access to many of the phone's uniquely smartphone-y functions, such as camera, contacts, calendar, audio recording and playing, TCP/IP and Bluetooth communications and simple telephony.

How to install Python?
First you will need to download the latest Python version for Symbian S60 (PyS60) for example PythonForS60_1_4_2_3rdEd.SIS. The device installation package includes the Python interpreter (based on Python 2.2.2), select Python Standard Libraries, a script shell for launching Python scripts, a variety of native extensions and a Python Console for interactive development.

After that, connect your Nokia mobile phone with a USB cable or Bluetooth with Nokia PC Suite and just double click the SIS file, you will get a confirmation window on weather you want to install the app.

Once you have confirmed (by clicking the YES button), another notification window appears saying that the installation will continue on you Nokia phone. You will have to confirm that you want to install Python one again on your mobile phone after which the details for Python installation will be displayed (ex. Python for S60 version 1.4.x). Hit the continue button and the installation will begin.

When the loading bar reaches the end you will see a success message saying that Python for Symbian S60 is successfully installed on your phone. Do not panic if you are unable to see any icons in your Applications folder or anywhere else, after all Python is not an application, it just enables your phone to run applications written in Python.

We hope you found this tutorial on installing Python for S60 (PyS60) useful!

Download the latest Python version for Symbian S60 (PyS60) or find out more about the PyS60 project at SourceForge.




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Published on 25.02.2008 in Symbian Freeware Blog

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