Firmware update v21.0.016 for Nokia N95

Nokia have released a new firmware for Nokia N95 getting the old version of the N95 powered up and running faster as the Nokia N95 8GB released after the original N95. The newest v21.0.016 firmware isn’t as big as the previous one, but packs quite a few important updates and enhancements. Most notably are the Flash Lite 3 which brings full flash support to the browser allowing you to view Flash-based sites like Youtube and Web runtime is included, meaning that standalone widgets are now possible. Other changes include standby-time improvements and improvements to Bluetooth headset interoperability.
New features:
  • Flash Lite 3 support added
  • Widget (Web runtime) support added
  • Default year changed to 2008
  • General stability improvements.
  • Predefined access point kept after switching to different type SIM card.
  • Localization improvements.
  • Standby time improvements.
  • Improvements to BT headset interoperability.
  • Improvement to Calendar data restoring.
  • Switch from landscape to portrait mode & screen rotations improvements.
  • Improvement to long text writing to web page text boxes.
  • Browsing from WLAN wizard improvement.
Media Player:
  • Localizations improvements in Music player.
  • Windows Media Player recognizes device as Nokia N95.
  • Image rotation improvement in album view.
  • Gallery & Slideshow performance improvements.
  • Improvement to SMS reception.
  • Midlet installation improvement.
  • Improvement to Java application start.
  • Java midlet certificate checking improvement.
  • General improvements to Maps application.
  • Localization correction to Search in Maps application.
  • Improvement to Navigate To –function when started from search application.
  • Contact names with accents and more than 11 characters can be copied to SIM card.
We hope that with the release of this firmware Nokia starts a trend of adding Flash Lite 3 and Web runtime to other devices like the N82 and N953. It also seems that this firmware immediately available for both EURO and APAC.




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Published on 27.03.2008 in Symbian Freeware Blog

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Please for n95 me!

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