RealVista Desktop for Nokia S60

RealVista Desktop for Nokia S60 3rd edition RVDEven though themes can provide some kind of uniqueness on your Symbian S60 powered mobile phone sometimes it is not enough. If you want to break free from the standard menu/application layout of your Symbian powered mobile phone here is something new and very interesting.

RealVista Desktop a.k.a. RVD for Symbian 9.2 S60 3rd edition is a Flash Lite application that creates a Windows Vista like experience on your mobile device without changing or damaging any system files on your phone. The author of this neat application is Pasha Joymaker.

Flash Lite 2.1 and a memory card is required to run this application.  You can download Flash Lite 2.1 here. After you have installed Flash Lite it is time to install the RealVista Desktop (RVD) application. But first you have to download it from here.  If you are reading this post few months from when it was first written please visit the authors page to download the latest update of the RVD application.

Next we are going to install the application on our Symbian S60 powered Nokia mobile phone...

RVD startup screen on Nokia N95, N82, N81 Once you have downloaded the RealVista Desktop application you can install it the same way you installed the Flash Lite 2.1 using your Nokia PC suite. The flash lite application installs just like any other application.

After the installation of the RVD app is complete go to "Applications" and find the "Flash" application icon and open the Flash Lite player. Once the Flash Player starts up select the memory card using the tabs on the top and you will see "RVD-Evolution". Click on "Options" then "Open", once again click "Options" and then "Open" and you will be able to see the startup screen shown on the right site of this post.

After RealVista Desktop has finished loading your can start using the app and the desktop shown on the image above will be displayed on you mobile phone.

The application is supported on almost all S60 3rd edition mobile phones including Nokia N95, Nokia N82, Nokia N81, Nokia N93, Nokia N73, Nokia E51 and other 240x320 mobile phones.

This Application (RealVista Desktop) is provided "AS IS". Downloading this Application you are agree that the Author and is not responsible for any damage that can be made while using this Application. You install and use it at your own risk.



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Published on 19.05.2008 in Symbian Freeware Blog

Comments: RealVista Desktop for Nokia S60

Posted by behnam on Friday, March 19, 2010 03:45
very good
Posted by AMARBIR on Monday, August 16, 2010 08:51
its great application as we go with guide its working in nokia e65
Posted by bindre on Tuesday, October 05, 2010 23:17
very good
Posted by cara paul on Sunday, March 27, 2011 14:42
great application works great on nokia n73
Posted by MableKinney33 on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 21:44
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