How to increase battery life on your Symbian S60 phone

If you already own a S60 3rd edition phone you might have noticed that it drains the battery really fast. Sometimes the battery just dies when it is most needed. So how to prevent your phone from eating your battery in just a day?

For the last 2 years I have been a proud owner of Nokia N73, Nokia N80 and Nokia N95 and of recently the Nokia N82. All of these phones showed the same behavior when it came to battery life related matters. So here are some tips on how to make your phone battery last longer.

First thing that I do is to turn of the Bluetooth. Leaving it on causes the phone to constantly broadcast and expect to receive some kind of answer from other Bluetooth devices. So if you are not using a Bluetooth headset or you don't have any other Bluetooth devices attached to your phone all the time turn it off. It will save you a lot of battery life on your S60 phone.

This is maybe the most important thing... I guess you have filled your phone with various apps that you use from time to time. Well if you are not using them all the time... it is logically to close them. Leaving this apps running in the background eats a lot of battery, don't thing if you don't see 'em running they don't eat your battery. Go to the Task Manager and close everything you do not need.

The other thing is no to use any Screensavers. Since some of my phones were provided by Vodafone they had the cool Vodafone screensaver running all the time. When I changed it to the default Nokia power saver and changed the time out to 1 minute my battery life improved a lot.

Sometimes when there is a low signal (bad reception) your phone needs extra power to keep the call going.. so it drains the battery faster. Try to avoid such situations especially when you are traveling.

WLAN scanning eats a lot of power if you phone has it, so when you do not need it turn it off. One more tip is to put your phone in Offline mode when you do not need it, for example during the night. If you need only the alarm to wake you up Offline mode works best.

I thing this is enough for one article more advanced tips will be coming soon. In meantime if you are a battery life freak install a dark theme on you phone like Black and Colors, In Silver or Silver.




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Published on 03.06.2008 in Symbian Freeware Blog

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