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Nokia Share - Post images to FacebookSince the Nokia Share 4.0 application does not support Facebook directly and on the other hand I am no fan of Vox, Ovi and Flickr for the simple reason that all of the people I want to share my pictures and stuff are on Facebook, I was really disappointed by the fact that I was not able to post my pictures to Facebook directly from my phone.

So after doing a little research on the net, I found that there was a way to make it happen. Although this is not the best solution for my problem, it seems like it is the only one available for the moment.

So how to make it happen? How to post your pictures to Facebook from your Nokia NSeries phone? As first you will need an Ovi account activated on your phone. I guess you know how to do that (if not expect the tutorial soon, or read your Nokia phone manual).

The next step is of course having a Facebook account, you have one, right? For the sake of this article I assume that you are familiar with the Nokia Share Online application and you know how to use it.

So by now in order to post and share your images on Facebook you need:
  • A Ovi account and an activated Ovi service in your Nokia Share application (the leatest version in the moment of writing this article is 4.0)
  • A Facebook profile/account
Here are the steps to get your first image to Facebook:
  • Login to Ovi share online and add a media channel named Facebook. The settings should be public (available for all) otherwise you will not be able to sync this channel with Facebook.
  • Open your Share online application and click Options -> Update Services.
  • Select your ovi account and set it as default selecting the your_username.Facebook as default channel for media uploads.
  • If you do not have any images on your phone take one and upload it via the Share online app on your mobile phone and upload it to your Ovi's Facebook channel. It is essential to have at least one image in your Facebook channel so that this hack can work.
  • After uploading the image to Ovi, go to Facebook and log in with your username/password.
  • There is a Facebook Share on Ovi app and you will use it to connect this two services. The application can be installed here
  • Enter your Ovi username in the box labeled "Share on Ovi Account ID:" and click Setup.
  • Allow access to the Share on Ovi application.
  • Although the first time the application can tell you that you something is wrong with your Ovi username or you don't have any public channels go to the Settings tab of this app and you will see that everything is ok.
  • Click add to profile and you will have your Ovi's Facebook channel on your profile page.
Although this is not exactly what I wanted it is the only way for now to connect Nokia Share Online with Facebook. The other way to upload your photos to Facebook is via the mobile site available on



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Published on 22.12.2008 in Symbian Freeware Blog

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Posted by bionic.fresh on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 00:26 & pixelpipe offer ways to upload photos to facebook.

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