Jomtris - Symbian S60 tetris game

Jomtris - Symbian S60 tetris gameJomtris is a free Symbian S60 tetris game available for free download.

Actually, Jomtris is a "tetris" style of casual game. You handle and remove dropping 4-tile pieces as long as possible and that's it.

One game session should take max 5-10 minutes. The playing field is vertical 10x20 square field, there are different 4-tile pieces dropping down from top and you have to fit them nicely at the bottom. All full rows are removed, to give you some more space to arrange tiles.

You can play either with joystick or keyboard or both at the same time .You get to next level after removing 10 rows. At each level the speed of pieces dropping increases.

Important: You need Python to run this game. SIS has to be installed on same disk drive as Python interpreter: either both on Phone Memory or both on Memory Card.

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The developer Jouni Miettunen made this game while he had the flu and for a "flu project" it seems that this game came out very good. "I started Jomtris, when I had flu and some fever. Wanted to check the old sample, but it just kept crashing. So I started to debug, couldn't understand how it worked and did some minor renaming, reordering, optimizing etc. normal things that people do. The big mistake happened, when I got rid of busy game loop and made things work by events. I should have gotten well first and then forget all about tetris. I really should have!" - Says the developer.

Download Jomtris for S60 here!




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Published on 16.01.2009 in Symbian Freeware Blog

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