Nokia N96 firmware upgrade brings a lot of extras

Nokia N96 firmware upgrade  Nokia N96 after firmware upgrade the idel screen with the email plugin
A new firmware upgrade is available for the Nokia N96. The upgrade can be obtained through the phone directly by going to Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device mgr. or by pressing *#0000# on the idle screen. Then you will be shown the Device manager screen from where you can update your Nokia N96 firmware over the air. All you need to have is a working Wi-Fi connection or a data plan with your provider so that the phone can download the information from Nokia's web servers. Once you are in the device manager click Check for updates and follow the instructions on the screen. The other way to upgrade your Nokia N96 firmware is to download the Nokia Software Updater from and update the phone through your desktop PC.

The firmware update brings a lot of interesting things on the Nokia N96 such as:
  • Nokia Email and MFE preloaded
  • Active Standby email plug-in (as shown on the second screenshot above)
  • More slide handling options
  • Camera image quality improvements
  • Flash Lite update and more
These are the highlighted updates for the full list you can find the change log for the Nokia N96 firmware upgrade on the next page of this article.

Nokia N96 firmware v 20.050 change log

  • Nokia Email client and Mail for Exchange (MfE) preloaded (User will install and configure email clients with the help of Settings Wizard)
  • Settings Wizard 5.0: offers improvements for Nokia Email and MfE setup
  • Active Standby Email Plug-in: showing new email messages on Active Standby screen
Look & Feel:
  • Support for Audio Themes: configurable sounds for various events e.g. opening/closing slide, battery low etc
  • Setting to allow a slideshow to be used as wallpaper
  • Slide handling: Setting to allow user to configure effect opening/closing the slide has on a call and keylock
  • WiFi Protected Setup is now supported, allowing simplified setup of WLAN security with a supported WLAN access point
  • Support of IAD (Independent Application Delivery): Allows certain applications to be updated independently over the air.
Energy management:
  • Shorter lights/screen timeout when lockswitch activated. Backlight dims as soon as keylock is enabled
  • Media Keys surrounding the rocker key lit only if a media application is open
  • Right Softkey changed from “Hide” to “Exit” for Music Player for EM savings
  • A number of improvements made to the Camera image quality
  • The device SW version information is now stored in the image MetaData
  • Default recording quality for video is changed from ‘TV normal’ to TV high’
  • Noise reduction of recorded videos
  • New version of Music player: Performance and “Comes With Music”-related improvements
  • FlashLite update for improved YouTube compatibility – improvements in rendering of Flash Video
  • General Media player &streaming related usability & performance improvements
  • OMA DRM v2 content can use device clock if no secure clock (i.e. NITZ) is available
  • Empty bookmark folders removed from Browser bookmarks (i.e. the “Download…” folders)
  • Link to is included in Browser bookmarks
  • Vibra enabled when charging
  • When gaming in landscape mode, stereo audio will be played through correct speakers
  • Updated Themes
  • Slide triggered keyguard activation: When closing the slide, pressing any key within 2 seconds will result in keylock not being activated
  • Several error corrections based on Care and operator feedback
  • Several application baseline updates
If anybody is asking the theme on the screenshots is Shine Blue by DhanusauD from




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Published on 07.05.2009 in Symbian Freeware Blog

Comments: Nokia N96 firmware upgrade brings a lot of extras

Posted by hashi on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 02:13
i tried this out, but it doesn't work, i get a pop up sayin" there is no update available" is there any other way..????

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