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Speedy Go! for Symbian S60Speedy Go! for Symbian S60 is not a freeware application to be clear, so what it is doing here on this blog? Well this may concern all those who considered buying it, a few thoughts that may or may not change their minds or bring some insight into this peace of software offering device acceleration as the developer describes it:

"Speedy Go! improves the performance of Symbian S60 smartphones by display acceleration and overall speed boost. The provided Speed test feature serves to estimate the normal phone speed and the speed gain achieved by acceleration.

Speedy Go! is compatible with and can provide speed boost on all Symbian S60 smartphones by Nokia, Samsung and LG, including the latest touch-screen devices, like the Nokia 5800 and N97, and the Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD). "

Well we have tested it on Nokia N96 and we must say that it really does work in a way but once you have the phone accellometer turned on for example the auto rotate of the phone display this application slows the phone down.
After doing a little research on Speedy Go! for Symbian we found out that the same strange behavior of slowing down your phone was present on other Nokia mobile phones like the N95. Other users reported that Speedy Go! actually boosted the performance on their S60 devices and they have been satisfied. But if you own a Nokia N96 or N95 or other phone with the auto-rotate ability for the screen we think that Speedy Go! is not your choice.

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Published on 25.05.2009 in Symbian Freeware Blog

Comments: Speedy Go! for Symbian S60

Posted by Naim on Saturday, December 26, 2009 14:36
Posted by sameer on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 05:37
i love the internet speed connection
Posted by kenneth on Monday, May 02, 2011 17:24
I have an N97mini, awefull slow machine! the first few times it didn't realy speed things up but now: first ran Ramblow to kill all active background apps then speedygo told me speed of my phone is 407 normal, 1070 with boost on?? didn't believe it 'till I tested it. photo browser with couple of 100 pics now opens in 2secnds !! amazing , don't see how it's done but thanks speedy app
Posted by Prue on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 01:42
You've imepsserd us all with that posting!
Posted by Teach on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 06:32
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