Nokia N97 camera image and video samples

Nokia N97 camera

Today was a sunny day, very few clouds so we took our Nokia N97 for a spin around the block and made a few sample images and a few videos. So in order to share these sample images and videos from the Nokia N97 we upload them to our site for you to see. All the images are shot without any additional settings, we left the N97 camera on it’s defaults and on the maximum resolution 2592x1944. Same thing with the videos, we used the back camera. Here is some more information about the sample videos: audio: 0xa106 48000Hz mono 768Kbps, video: M4S2 640x352 29.32fps 2700Kbps. The video recording eats up to 25MB for one minute of recording in mp4 format.

Our impressions from the overall performance of the camera are that it produces good images, a bit too saturated, but at least they are colorful. On sunny days like the one today you will be able to take amazing images, we have not printed any of them but we can say for sure that they are suitable for small prints. On the other hand the Nokia N97 is perfect for images that are uploaded to Facebook or other social sharing sites. While we had the advantage of a sunny day, the camera starts to decrease its performance as it gets darker and darker. The built in digital zoom as you might see from the samples just magnifies part of the image as I guess might be done better in PhotoShop.

Nokia N97 zoom

Nokia N97 camera image samples

Nokia N97 image sample Nokia N97 image sample Nokia N97 image sample Nokia N97 image sample Nokia N97 image sample Nokia N97 image sample Nokia N97 image sample Nokia N97 image sample Nokia N97 image sample Nokia N97 image sample

Nokia N97 camera video recording samples

As far as the video recording, from the sample videos we were able to record with the Nokia N97 we can say that it is not the best mobile phone camera out there (compared to the 8 megapixel Samsung mobile phones) but when there is enough light the N97 records good videos. Compared to the iPhone 3G or other 3 megapixel cameras on other mobile phones the N97 seem to make superior videos. There is even a digital zoom available while recording which can be found useful in certain occasions.
  • Nokia N97 video recording sample 1 (download)
  • Nokia N97 video recording sample 2 (download)
  • Nokia N97 video recording sample 3 (download)
  • Nokia N97 video recording sample 4 (download)
  • Nokia N97 video recording sample 5 (download)
  • Nokia N97 video recording sample 6 (download)

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Published on 02.07.2009 in Symbian Freeware Blog

Comments: Nokia N97 camera image and video samples

Posted by darlen on Sunday, October 04, 2009 21:10
i like the nokia n97 so much
Posted by Nhicoh_Gener on Wednesday, June 09, 2010 09:54
During day time and on bright locations the images are fine.. but on darker locations and the use of flash reveals it's engineering mishap.. the image produced has a light burst on the left side brought about by the flash.. the flash was placed to close to the lens hence making the left side of the image seeming faded.. tsk! I have an LG KU990 Viewty which sports a 5mp Camera but not as crisp as Nokia's Carl Zeiss 5mp however during night shots it doesn't produce white blasts and faded looking images.. this is all thanks to the flash placed a little far from the lens..
Posted by Roxanna on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 02:03
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Posted by Berk on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 06:33
Ari,Your approach to 770 case seems to be milsed. Many of us understand it may not be possible to have a newer version of flash on the device, but this is no excuse that there won't be Javascript, Ajax .. etc support on the browser. At least the brower should be capable of what minimo can do with its alpha version!Also I newer understand why you guys don't put most of your development efforts to code your own browser (possible minimo based) since the core software for this product is the browser and as long as you keep it 3rd party you will stay restricted.
Posted by Bubbi on Wednesday, January 07, 2015 17:11
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Posted by Sirin on Saturday, January 10, 2015 08:03
Hello I am looking for a vtiuarl set to produce a TV show about real estate. For the video demo I saw the package of 3 Serious Magic Ultra 2, seems to be what I need. I would like to confirm that those scenes just the beginning of the video that appears in an aerial image showing several buildings and going inside a building taken at the table and showing the presenter is included in the package 3 of the program. I would also like to know a phone that I can contact a company official to clarify details about the product. My name is Marcelo and I'm from Brazil. Thanks if you can answer me as soon as possible because I need to do this work with some urgency. Thank you.

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