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iPhone vs Nokia N97

Today I decided to switch phones with my friend and try the iPhone 3G for a day, while he went with my Nokia N97 for a change. Although this is not the first time I have used an iPhone, nor his first time using a Nokia S60 device I though there are some things worth mentioning from this one day experience. The things I mostly use on my mobile phone are email, browsing pages, instant messaging and document viewing. I did not mention calling and SMS since those are some of the things you could be doing even with a Nokia 1100 and practically every phone available today.
The first thing that I had to do in order to use the phone was to set up my email accounts. Having to do this for the first time on the iPhone I was surprised to find out how easy it was to set them up in just a minute. Syncing the contacts was not necessary since we both have the same contacts in general.

In order to understand the nature of my work I must say that most of the time I am out of the office, doing most of my work by email constantly in the move. Fortunately my Bluetooth headset was able to pair with the iPhone so that I don’t get in trouble while driving and speaking on the phone.

So here I am, it is 9:30 AM Monday morning and I am starting my day. I get in the car turn on my car stereo and being used to listen music from my Nokia N97 via the built in FM transmitter, I realize that the iPhone does not have this neat feature that I have become accustomed to. OK, no problem, I can live without it.

No Flash player

I go to my first meeting with an old client to present him with the latest upgrades to his website and I stumble upon my first bump for the day. To explain the situation better, I will tell you that we met at a café where we both like the coffee and the good Wi-Fi connection and while most of the times I carry my IBM X300 ultra portable laptop, today I forgot to take it with me. So what is the problem? The upgrades I was supposed to present to my client included a lot of Flash candy, like stock charts and other functional components that on the iPhone browser were not showing for the simple fact that it did not support Flash, no Flash Player, nothing to show to my client. I haven’t thought of that, because the night before I was viewing the site properly on my Nokia N97. Luckily he had a Windows Mobile phone, where we reviewed the changes on the site and I must say that my client was impressed by the thing that he was able to see his site as he was seeing it on his desktop computer.

To put some final notes on my browsing experience on the iPhone, I thing it should be fair enough to say that it is way better then the S60 5th edition built in browser on the Nokia N97, being more intuitive and much easier to work with but lacking Flash and having some minor problems with AJAX and JavaScript powered pages I don’t thing it is the right choice for me.

The next thing on my To Do list for today is the 13:00 launch with a friend of mine. We choused the restaurant the restaurant where we went on Friday and while having a bite or two I checked my mail (I must say forwarding emails is what this phone was made for LOL). Also the whole email client is made quite well and it is very easy to use. But here I noticed the second thing that was missing on the iPhone. 

No multitasking

Nokia N97 MultitaskingBeing a power user, I am used to work with my phone the way I work with my laptop or desktop computer, doing many things at once and the iPhone is everything but a multitasking mobile phone. You can do everything, but one thing at a time. Although I was not impressed with the Nokia N97 due to the low amount of RAM memory I was still able to run 4-5 applications simultaneously.  Just take a look at the screenshot on the right from the task manager on my Nokia N97.

The other thing where I missed my Nokia N97 was the physical keyboard, well you must admit, typing long emails even with the landscape keyboard on the iPhone is not something that you enjoy. Also when chatting on Skype the N97 seems more comfortable to use.

Also while eating with my friend I took some pictures with the iPhone, which I can not share with you since she is a bit shy, and judging from that in low light conditions the better camera performance goes to the Nokia N97. You might want to check the Nokia N97 camera review for more details.

Facebook and games

As far as the Facebook application is concerned, on both phones I was satisfied with what I had, but nothing impressive. There is much work to be done in both of them. And while we are talking about applications I must say that most of the things I was able to find for the iPhone were fun related and I must say there are some really good games which can help you kill some quality time. I thing this phone is a really good gaming device. Some of the games my frined had installed on the iPhone used the touch screen gestures in a way that at first was a bit unusual but once you get used to it, the game just takes you in.

Final thoughts

In order not to bore you with more details about my iPhone experience here are some facts that we came to realize. When put both phones side by side the Wi-Fi on the Nokia N97 performs better, the iPhone does not connect to low signal networks while the N97 has no problems with it, so N97 equals better Wi-Fi. When it comes to using the iPhone as a mobile ultra portable business phone, it fails simply for the fact that it was not meant to be used as one. Also the lack of multitasking is something that bothers me a lot and although there are some fixes to have some kind of multitasking ability on the iPhone, other mobile platforms like Symbian S60, UIQ, Windows Mobile, Android and Blackberry has been offering this features even before the iPhone was even a concept in Apple's laboratories.

But on the other hand when it comes to games, the iPhone rocks. And not to offend anyone, I know that the iPhone is a great phone, but my personal opinion is that it is a Gaming Phone with some email, chat and other functions which are brought to second place.

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Published on 13.07.2009 in Symbian Freeware Blog

Comments: Nokia N97 user goes iPhone for a day

Posted by awallafashagba on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 04:35
hurrah ! a report that is biased towards the N97 for a change. Yes the N97 is your phone and therefore you miss it when not using, there seems to be a lot of things that the N97 is better at. In time i am sure the firmware updates and 3rd party developers will make this the true monster that it is designed to be. Great report .. well done
Posted by Celia on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 01:33
You are right, the iPhone is not built as a business phone, so its a bit unfair to compare them in this way. Would have like to have seen a less biased report comparing the two. The iPhone does have its limits like any other phone, but there are several good reasons for its popularity, few of which you mentioned in your report.
Posted by Abhilash on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 09:40
Hello,in the review mentioned here i find u guys are finding n97 as the best mobile.But i am a student and i like to play games a lot and hear songs a lot.i saw iphone in my friend.its really a rocker phone.But i took my n97 in june .Till now i flashed my mobile for 3 times and now the mobile is getting overheated...But my friend is not having any prob with his i phone till now....wat to do ..i made a big mistake
Posted by G mustafa taj on Saturday, May 21, 2011 20:00
Samsung have come a long way recently when it comes to mobile phones

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