How to update your Nokia N97 firmware?

How to update your Nokia N97 firmware

Updating your Nokia S60 phone firmware is an easy and quite simple process to be done and it is nothing to be afraid of. For those of you who have never updated the firmware of their phone, it is a common process almost everybody is doing on regular basis. So here is how it is done. For the purpose of this article we documented the firmware update of the Nokia N97, but it is the same for every Nokia Symbian S60 mobile phone out there (almost every phone).
Before you start if you want to know the current version of your phone's software you can just type *#0000# to find out which version you have. If you have bought your phone a long time ago and you have never done this your software version will be very old and an update is recommended since new firmware updates bring a lot of improvements on how your phone is performing and sometimes bring even new, previously unavailable features on your phone. So here is how the update process goes:

Optional but recommended: Before you start the update you might want to backup your phone. You can make a backup on your PC or from your phone to the memory card. Then you can wipe the C: partition of your phone with *#7370# (default password 12345). And then continue with the rest.

Backup your phone

Before you start the firmware update on your phone, please make sure that your battery is fully charged. If your battery drains during the firmware update/upgrade process you might end up with a broken phone. And I am sure you don't want that! Also, please do not improvise with having the charger plugged in while you update the firmware of your smartphone.

The next step is to download the Nokia Software Updater from Nokia's website, be sure to get the latest version. You can find the download link here! After you download the Nokia Software Updater install it on your desktop computer.
How to update your Nokia smartphone firmware
The firmware update process is illustrated on the image above, but for your convenience we will go through it step by step. Now take the USB cable that came with your phone and connect your phone with your PC. Firmware update through Bluetooth is NOT possible. Once you phone is connected start the Nokia Software Updater. After the application stars, you will see the following screen:

Nokia firmware upgrade

Click Start and you will be taken to the next screen where the Nokia Software Updater will remind you that you need to have your phone's batter fully charged so that you upgrade the firmware without any problems. Also you will need to switch your phone to one of the Online profiles such as General, Silent or Meeting. Although I have updated all my phones without doing a backup first, it is a good thing to do a full phone backup first. Getting a wiped out phone without any contacts, images or other apps, although is a very rare result, happens from time to time. If you do not want to risk, please backup your phone before you begin this process.

Nokia firmware upgrade / Warning

Always be sure to read the instructions and to follow them strictly. We continue with clicking on the Next button and the NSU will try to identify your device in order to find the specific firmware update for your phone automatically:

Identifying the device  Searching for firmware updates

Once you phone is identified, Nokia Software Updater will start the search for new firmware updates. If a firmware update is found for your phone model and product code (the code is printed on the white label beneath the battery e.g. CODE: 0520831) you will see the next screen:

New software update is available

In this case we are updating our Nokia N97 phone from the firmware version 11.0.021 to 12.0.026. To continue with the update, click the Update button and the update will start.

Downloading firmware updates

Once the firmware download is complete, the installation on your phone begins:

Installing the firmware update

Durring this process do not disconnect the cable connecting the phone with the PC or switch off you device. Also it is quite normal for the phone display to go blank, turn on and off a few times:

Nokia N97 connected, blank display

In the end you will see the following on your phone display, meaning that the firmware upgrade is going on as it should be:

Nokia N97 firmware updating

The firmware update process takes about 15-20 minutes and after it completes Nokia Software updater will display the following screen:

Firmware update complete

This means that you have updated your Nokia phone firmware successfully.




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Published on 24.09.2009 in Symbian Freeware Blog

Comments: How to update your Nokia N97 firmware?

Posted by Ahmed on Thursday, September 24, 2009 08:16
Thank you very much, the tutorial is very descriptive. I am not an advanced user so this was a bit of a bugger for me. Thank you once again for making the firmware update very easy for me.
Posted by awallafashagba on Friday, September 25, 2009 07:44
If only Vodafone Uk allowed us to upgrade the firmware to v12.
Posted by Symbian Software on Friday, September 25, 2009 15:40
Updates for some carriers might be delayed a bit. But they eventually get available. It is a matter of time. But you can always try debranding your phone on your own risk.
Posted by Sukumaran on Saturday, October 10, 2009 10:26
I have done the update and I don't see any difference that Nokia was hyping about. Can anyone confirm this? I don't see the kinetic scrolling working either.
Posted by Syymbian Software on Monday, October 12, 2009 20:43
Well you will have to wait few more weeks for the N97 2.0 firmware upgrade to get the kinetic scrolling.
Posted by Kira on Saturday, November 28, 2009 03:27
i got my 2.0 ver thx. but it seems like don't have chinese language pack =( where can i get it?
Posted by David on Saturday, November 28, 2009 11:40
@Kira: If you did not change the product code to update your firmware and you previously had the language on your phone it should be there after the upgrade.
Posted by ali on Monday, May 03, 2010 11:08
i need software
Posted by haider talb on Thursday, September 15, 2011 07:25
thank you very much that's was great

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