Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset review

Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset review

Bluetooth headsets are parts of our every day life.I have been using the Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth headset for a while now with the Nokia N97 and Nokia N96 smartphones and I thought it would be good to write a small review about the BT2070 headset and share some thoughts.
The product description review: The Jabra BT2070 offers edgy hands-free design for people who want something out-of-the ordinary. This unique headset has an intriguing design that centers around an illuminating yellow circle that lights up for incoming calls. The Jabra BT2070 performs as well as it looks with simple functionality and staying power. Simple 3-button interface puts connection at your fingertips. Get started straight-away with automatic pairing and just touch the circle to talk. The staying power is great for a headset so small – with impressive talk time that means you can enjoy all-day hands-free comfort and convenience.
Jabra BT2070 features and specifications:
  • Edgy design combined with ease of use and long talk time
  • Up to 5.5 hours talk time and up to 200 hours standby time
  • Lightweight – weighs only 8g
  • Two sizes are provided for individual comfort.
  • Wear it with or without the ear hook
  • L 42.4 x W 18.4 x H 27.9 mm (L 1.65 x W 0.7 x H 1.06 in).
  • Bluetooth technology – clear sound with Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR & eSCO. Auto-pairing for no-nonsense set-up
  • Jabra Discreet Light feature – the light indicator (LED) does not continually flash.
  • Features answer/end, redial and voice dial*
  • Charging plug: USB Micro-B, 5-pin
The Jabra BT2070 review: I have been using this Bluetooth headset for almost six month and I am satisfied with it. I bought it first of all for the design, clean and simple a bit boldish with a nice green fluorescent touch. The headset is very light, small and fits into your ear perfectly. Using it mostly in my car while driving I found the sound quality a bit less then perfect. You can hear everything and the other party hears you without problems. Although I personally would prefer a bit louder speakerphone, the Jabra BT2070 is just find.

The range of the headset is quite good and the connection quality does not drop up to 10 meters on open space. When at home I am able to talk with minor noice up to 6-7 meters from my phone. Another great thing is the battery life. Well I don't know when I am charging the headset but sometimes it goes without charging for a weak (please remember I talk a lot). Also it seems that my car charger for the Nokia N97 works with the Jabra BT2070 so I am able to charge my Jabra Bluetooth headset with the same car charger for Nokia N97. This is a relief since I don't have to take the headset home to charge it and I don't have to carry another charger in my car. One does the work for all. To be more specific I am using the Nokia N96 car charger provided with my phone with the extension I got when I bought the N97. All of these are standard Nokia accessories provided with my phones. So one car charger for 2 smartphones and one Bluetooth headset.

All in all after six months I can not say that I have had any problems with the Jabra BT2070 on Nokia N97 and Nokia N96. I gave one to my mother as a gift and she is very happy with it using it with the Nokia E71 and she talks a lot and I mean A LOT! I would strongly recommend this Bluetooth headset to anyone looking for a cheap, stylish and reliable headset. The only thing I miss on this headset is the ability to use two devices simultaneously, but then it would be in another price range.

You can get the Jabra BT2070 from our online store!

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Published on 27.11.2009 in Symbian Freeware Blog

Comments: Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset review

Posted by Kevin on Friday, November 27, 2009 19:54
Amazing headset. I have it for a while and it is very good with Nokia 5800. I never regret buying it.
Posted by binsalem on Saturday, June 15, 2013 09:56
I thank the site from my heart heart for their distinguished and unique effort it and punching is from me the most elevated privileges and the thanks

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