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New Symbian Freeware site designS60 freeware new website

After almost two years since is online we decided that is time to change thinks a bit and introduce a few changes to the website to make it more usefull for you the visitors of the site. The last change was the launching of the Symbian Freeware blog a year ago and now we have done a few things more. As first we changed the design of the site to make it more appealing and more pleasant for the visitors. The next thing was introducing the comments for the blog articles. Now you can express yourself and share your opinion with the rest of the visitors and contribute to the Symbian Freeware community. So feel free to drop a comment and tell us what you think, what we can make better and we will try to do our best.

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Fake Nokia N97 - Watch out!Fake Nokia N97

Just a few weeks after the official release of the Nokia N97, fakes started to appear on eBay and other online stores. So watch out! It seems that in China they can make a replica on whatever they want and it seems like nobody cares. As you can see from the picture above all the Nokia branding is on the phone, except it does not have anything to do with Nokia or the real Nokia N97. The fake Nokia N97 is called Nokia N97i, it might confuse some people, but the phone actually looks like a real Nokia, they even managed to work out something for the menu to be S60 like. Although this phone looks a lot like the original there are some differences like the audio jack and charger jack on the side while on the real N97 the audio jack is located on the top and the charging is via USB. Take a look at our gallery bellow to see what the N97 replica looks like.

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Nokia Ovi Suite 1.1Nokia Ovi Suite

Nokia released Nokia Ovi Suite, the replacement for Nokia PC Suite and it is available for selected devices for now, or to be exact mostly newer phones. The integration of the Nokia Suite with Ovi is becoming more and more focused around Ovi and finally the PC Suite as we know it has changed.

As you may notice from the screenshot above, the new Ovi Suite not only has a changed design but enables you an easy access to your Ovi account so that you can synchronize your device, share photos and videos and backup your device online.

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Nokia N97 live demo

Nokia N97 live demo

Nokia have updated the site with a cool interactive demo of the new Nokia N97 mobile phone we have been expecting to hit the stores this summer.The Nokia N97 live demo allows you to preview some of the features of the phone as realistic as it can get in an online demo. As the phone is curently available for backorder on Nokia's site, this is one way to see what it actually looks like. Here is what the demo includes:

  • Media demo (Enjoy your media), which demonstrates the ability to capture, view and share (upload) photos and videos, listen to music and download games.
  • Homescreen demo (Personalise your homescreen), which shows how extra content can be added to the homescreen and rearranged according to your preferences.
  • Web, video and location demo (Go online), which shows the browser, the ability to watch video (Star Trek trailer) and location features (finding a local cinema).
  • Facebook widget demo (Socialise with your friends), which showcases some of the Facebook functionality including the ability to view friends status, update your own status, upload images and more.
To see the Nokia N97 demo visit the link provided bellow!

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Nokia N96 firmware upgrade brings a lot of extrasNokia N96 firmware upgrade  Nokia N96 after firmware upgrade the idel screen with the email plugin
A new firmware upgrade is available for the Nokia N96. The upgrade can be obtained through the phone directly by going to Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device mgr. or by pressing *#0000# on the idle screen. Then you will be shown the Device manager screen from where you can update your Nokia N96 firmware over the air. All you need to have is a working Wi-Fi connection or a data plan with your provider so that the phone can download the information from Nokia's web servers. Once you are in the device manager click Check for updates and follow the instructions on the screen. The other way to upgrade your Nokia N96 firmware is to download the Nokia Software Updater from and update the phone through your desktop PC.

The firmware update brings a lot of interesting things on the Nokia N96 such as:
  • Nokia Email and MFE preloaded
  • Active Standby email plug-in (as shown on the second screenshot above)
  • More slide handling options
  • Camera image quality improvements
  • Flash Lite update and more
These are the highlighted updates for the full list you can find the change log for the Nokia N96 firmware upgrade on the next page of this article.

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Nokia E52 announcedNokia E52 gallery
Nokia announced the new Nokia E52, an ultra slim portable mobile office phone targeting the business users and not only them. One look at the phone and you will start wishing you have it. Not only it has a very elegant design, the phone is full with apps that make your everyday social and business needs fully fulfilled. The Nokia E52 is running on Symbian S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 2, the other specs include a 3.2 Megapixel camera, 2.4-inch 240x320 display with automatic landscape/portrait mode, Micro SD card slot supporting up to 16GB of memory cards, front camera for video calls, HSDPA, HSUPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, 8 hours of talk time and over 23 days in stand by mode (this is really something).

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demoFONE an interesting new technology previewdemoFONE screenshotdemoFone is a new and very interesting technology preview available for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones. Once installed on your Nokia S60 powered mobile phone, demoFone will enable you to create live online presentations of mobile applications directly from your phone to the web.
This experimental free demo service presented by is something new on the S60 software list that sounds enough interesting to catch our attention. On the right you can see a screenshot of demoFone installed on Nokia E61i. Although this looks like commercial application that is going to be free until the developer gets all the bugs right and gains enough popularity, we thought it is worth mentioning. So if you need a online presenter for your mobile applications or you are just curious or even maybe you want to show off your phone with your friends, give demoFONE a try.

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Worms for Nokia S60 is finally availableWorms on Nokia Symbian S60 mobile phone, game screenshotWorms for Nokia S60 is finally available for N-Gage enable phones. Did I say Worms? Do I need to explain this game title to anyone. If so, someone has slept the last 10 years or just wasn't into games. Well, Worms is a legendary game, I played it a lot on my desktop and even on my old Windows Mobile Smartphone like 5 years ago. But after a lot of time delaying it for the Symbian platform or to be more exact the N-Game gaming platform this game is available for your Nokia phone.

The game plot is very simple but can drag you in very easily, you own a group of worms each equipped with some weapons and the goal is to exterminate the other team. The choice of weapons and the bunch of interesting terrains to play on makes this game unique.

If you have not played this game before, reading this will not give you the real objective picture about this game, but once you install it on your Symbian S60 Nokia mobile phone you will realize why we are so excited to see this game finally on our Nokia mobile phones. So while you are reading this grab your phone and go to N-Gage and get the game.

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Best Symbian S60 Theme Contest WinnersBest Symbian S60 Theme Contest WinnersToday Symbian Themes dot us announced the winners of the Best Symbian S60 Theme Contest. For the past month the visitors of the site downloaded and voted for some of the best S60 3rd edition themes we have seen in a while. And here are the winning themes: If you missed all the buzz around the Best Symbian S60 theme contest be sure to check the website and take a look at all the entries in the contest.

Although the voting is closed you will still have a chance to view and download the contest themes by babi, Valepunto, Flahorn, Ahmed, Kimi, Adelino, Bandez, Nahid and DhanusauD.

We are hoping that soon, as announced on the site, there will be a second Best Symbian S60 theme contest since we personally like the first one very much.

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Best Symbian S60 Theme contest. Vote your favorite!Best Symbian S60 Theme contest. Vote your favorite!Symbian Themes dot us has opened the Best Symbian S60 Theme contest for voting. The contest is open for voting untill the end of March and features some of the best Symbian S60 3rd edition themes although there are some S60 5th edition themes in the contest.

The winners will be selected by the number of votes each theme gets by the visitors of the site. In the Best Symbian S60 Theme contest currently there are 13 themes by  babi, Valepunto, Flahorn, Ahmed, Kimi, Adelino, Bandez, Nahid and DhanusauD.

We have seen the themes and tried all of them and we are impressed by how these themes look good on our mobile phones. To be hones we can not decide which theme is better although some of us have their favorites.

So instead of talking visit the contest page at and download and install the themes you like on your Symbian S60 mobile phones. And don't forget to support your favorite theme authors by voting for their themes.

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