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Symbian S60 5th edition themes coming soonNokia N97 themes / Symbian S60 5th edition themesWith the release of Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and the new Carbide.ui 3.3 Theme Edition only few sites have announced the release of the first Symbian S60 5th edition themes. One of the sites that announced the new 360x640 themes is our partner site. On a recent blog post the say that Nokia 5800 XpressMusic themes and Nokia N97 themes will be available very soon on their site.

The new S60 5th edition will provide the familiar UI look we got used to on previous versions of the S60 3rd edition devices floating around all these years.

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Get Handango apps for just a pennyHandango has just released an amazing promotion offering selected apps for download for JUST ONE PENNY, yes $0.01. "Voice on the go", "Real Dice World", "Driving log" and more are available for only one penny. Click this link and check if you need some of these apps, they are almost free.

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Total Patrol - ReminderTotal Patrol is a a simple application that reminds you about missed calls, SMS messages and charging your battery. Although this might seem pointless it can be really useful to get reminded that you received a SMS especially if you haven't heard the SMS melody the first time.

If you are a kind a guy that leaves your phone sometimes, somewhere and goes out, this can be a good application. You will get notified for all the missed calls and SMS messages.

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Tennis Open Lite for S60Tennis Open Lite for S60Tennis Open Lite is the most enjoyable tennis game on mobile devices. Play tounaments or simple matches. Discover the NextGen tennis game for free.
In order to play Tennis Open Lite for Nokia Symbian S60 you will have to have Flash Player Lite installed on your Symbian mobile phone.
Supported Mobiles : Symbian OS-9.1/9.2 (3250, 5500, E50, E60, E61, E90, N71, N73, N80, N82, N91, N92, N93, N95). Developer: Yeni Mobile.

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New S60 themes worth mentioningRed Equalizer for S60Taieb has released a new update to the popular Equalizer theme series for Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phones. The new Red Equalizer v2 theme is an update of the old Red Equalizer theme released earlier this year. The new theme follows the design / icon packs of the other Equalizer series themes as the Pink Equalizer theme and the Blue Equalizer v2 theme released few months ago. Taieb keeps the good work in making some of the best S60 themes, but Pizero and Babi have been busy too.

Earlier this month, Pizero released a very good Euro 2008 theme for the Euro 2008 football championship and the abstract Leopard theme. The first theme is Full SVG and the second one is a bitmap 240x320 theme. Both themes are a catch for the eye. We would also like to recommend the the Black and Colors theme, a very good dark theme and it really saves the battery.

Babi has released the Italy football theme for the Euro 2008 football championship and some other very good themes as the Blackboard theme and the psiColors theme a very fresh one.

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200 Free S60 themesJust worth mentioning, Symbian Themes dot US has reached 200 free themes for download. In the last 3 months over 40.000 Symbian S60 3rd edition themes were downloaded for various Nokia, LG and Samsung mobile phones. As the site is gaining popularity few changes and improvements are promised by the site development team. So instead of reading this article go to or if you are using a mobile browser to read this article and get some themes for free.

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Mozilla: Firefox mobile is coming soonFirefox Mobile S60Mozilla has confirmed, through CEO Mitchell Baker, that developers are working on a mobile version of the uber-popular Firefox browser. The “Firefox Mobile” browser aims to bring the full, desktop experience that users of Firefox already enjoy, to the mobile arena.

This is a long-term project and Mozilla is working ot ensure that the customizability of Firefox, as well as the full web-browsing experience, will carry over to the mobile platform.

APC Magazine has an intriguing interview with Mozilla Foundation CEO Mitchell Baker on the state of mobile web browsers and Mozilla’s plans to develop a mobile version of Firefox.

Baker says developers are working on a mobile browser, but says it’s a long term goal and nothing users should expect to see anytime soon.

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Nokia N95 - The final firmware upgrade?It seems like Nokia will be releasing a new firmware for the Nokia N95 very soon available to Nokia N95 phone owners in the USA. The new firmware version that will be released around June 20th will bring the much desired firmware updates to N95 owners, correct a few bugs and improve the N95 just a little bit more.

Rumor has it that Nokia would not release any more updates for the N95 so this might be the last firmware update for the N95. If so this means that the Nokia N96 announced this February (2008) is on its way to be finally released.

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Symbian themes with a new mobile siteSymbian Themes dot mobiSymbian Themes have opened a version of their site optimized for mobile device browsers. The mobile website provides a fast and easy way to browse and download themes on all Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phones.

The site is available at and can be accessed through the standard web browser on your Nokia, LG or Samsung mobile phone.

Although the mobile version of the site has some limitations it provides quick access to the most popular themes selected by the times a theme has been downloaded both on and Also you will find links to the newest themes uploaded on the site, editors' choice themes and latest posts from the Symbian S60 3rd edition themes blog.

So if you are bored and like to style up you mobile phone but you are nowhere near a PC the mobile version of the site allows you to do that. On the other hand the full desktop version offers some extra features as themes by device, theme compatibility and comments.

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Symbian UIQ 3.3 announcedSymbian UIQ 3.3UIQ Technology today announced the availability of UIQ 3.3, bringing mobile phone manufacturers even more opportunities to innovate and to diversify their product portfolios.

UIQ 3.3 based on Symbian OS v 9.3 builds on the success of the UIQ 3 family, making it possible for mobile phone manufacturers to produce different kinds of phones on the same software platform, on a single code line. UIQ 3.3 includes incremental enhancements in line with market requirements, including enhanced support for operator services and extensive customization for addressing different market segments.

Symbian UIQ 3.3 includes an extensively enhanced version of Opera browser (9.5) with an improved user experience of browsing on the mobile phone including faster page loads, a new layout engine and a new intuitive user interface including page overview and panning. It also includes a Widget Manager making it possible to see, run, download and remove widgets on the phone.

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