Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset reviewJabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset review

Bluetooth headsets are parts of our every day life.I have been using the Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth headset for a while now with the Nokia N97 and Nokia N96 smartphones and I thought it would be good to write a small review about the BT2070 headset and share some thoughts.

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Nokia N97 or Nokia N900Nokia N97 vs. Nokia N900

Here is something to think about, what phone would you pick if you are going for the ultimate smartphone experience. Well, seeing the Nokia N97 and the Nokia N900 side by side, although that the second one is promoted as a mobile computer with some phone features, it comes clear that what we are looking for is something that every power user out wants. So having this two phones, which one should we pick? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of this two best of the best? Do we finally have the ultimate pocket sized mobile phone computer? Many questions and here some answers that might throw some light on this matter.

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Nokia N97 user goes iPhone for a dayiPhone vs Nokia N97

Today I decided to switch phones with my friend and try the iPhone 3G for a day, while he went with my Nokia N97 for a change. Although this is not the first time I have used an iPhone, nor his first time using a Nokia S60 device I though there are some things worth mentioning from this one day experience. The things I mostly use on my mobile phone are email, browsing pages, instant messaging and document viewing. I did not mention calling and SMS since those are some of the things you could be doing even with a Nokia 1100 and practically every phone available today.

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Nokia N97 camera image and video samplesNokia N97 camera

Today was a sunny day, very few clouds so we took our Nokia N97 for a spin around the block and made a few sample images and a few videos. So in order to share these sample images and videos from the Nokia N97 we upload them to our site for you to see. All the images are shot without any additional settings, we left the N97 camera on it’s defaults and on the maximum resolution 2592x1944. Same thing with the videos, we used the back camera. Here is some more information about the sample videos: audio: 0xa106 48000Hz mono 768Kbps, video: M4S2 640x352 29.32fps 2700Kbps. The video recording eats up to 25MB for one minute of recording in mp4 format.

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Nokia N97 vs. iPhone 3GSNokia N97 vs. iPhone 3GS

A lot of people will be asking this question, Nokia N97 or iPhone 3GS? But for S60 addicts like me and I believe, like most of the people visiting this site, the choice will be clear, Nokia N97! Although in more cases this seems to be a predefined choice, I think that it will be good to compare the two phones and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each mobile phone.

So here is a quick walk through the appearance, form, features like connectivity, image/video capturing and software for the two mobile phones that will be on the wish list of many people around the world.

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Nokia N97 review, pros and consNokia N97 pros and cons

After our initial review of the Nokia N97, we had a little time to test is and unfortunately we found a lot of things that we did not like. We tried to see if there is some kind of a firmware update available for the phone but we were disappointing once again, nothing so far. In order not to start this article with the bad things first, we will tell you what we really liked so far so keep on reading...

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Nokia N97 hands on reviewNokia N97 front open keyboard

Today we got our hand on a brand new Nokia N97 Black device, the phone every S60 geek wants to have in his collection. Although the Black version of the N97 has been referred to as the black sheep (by users favoring the Apple look alike design of the white version of this phone), we were very surprised to find out that this time Nokia have outdone themselves.

The black Nokia N97 looks really amazing in our hand, although not a business phone the polished metallic parts of the phone remind us of the ESeries and give the phone a more serious look. It is a phone that catches the eye for sure, but not only. Although in this review we will not speak about the software part of the phone, we must mention that that is a story for itself. We had a little time to try out the phone after the photo shoot and we will be using it as our primary test phone from now and WOW not only that this phone is super fast, the new S60 5th edition OS is enabling the hardware to really shine.

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Nokia Email service reviewNokia Email - View inbox on Nokia N96Nokia have released an update of their Nokia Email application available for Symbian S60 3rd edition Nokia mobile phones using the Nokia Messaging service. Still in beta version Nokia Email is free for now and let's hope that the guys in Nokia will come to their minds and decide that it should be free after the beta period ends. The Nokia Email application allows you to add 10 POP3 email accounts through the web interface and after downloading the application on your phone to sync theese accounts so that you can read and respond to your e-mails while you are on the go.

To start using the Nokia Email application, go to and register for a new account if you already don't have one. After the registration is complete you will receive via SMS the download link for the Nokia Email application as we did on our Nokia N96.

The link will open the phone browser and after downloading the Nokia Email SIS file, install it on your phone. The installation process is quick under 2 minutes on Nokia N96 and other Symbian S60 phones from that class. Once it is installed the application will show the welcome screen...

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New test phone Nokia N96Today we got our new test phone the Nokia N96, the top line of Nokia's multimedia computers line featuring the new Symbian S60 3rd edition feature pack 2. Here are a few pictures of the Nokia N96 unboxing process.

Nokia N96 box front

The phone came in a big quite heavy box for a phone. The people in Nokia made sure the packaging fits the Nokia N96 feature list... quite impressive I might say.

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