Symot Tracker (Live) for Nokia Series 60 for Symbian

Online tracking solution on the web for your vehicles. Just login anytime anywhere and see live movement of your vehicles, all on a single screen.
Symot Tracker (Live) for Nokia Series 60
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Version: 1.2

Symot Trackern Symot Tracker (Live) v1.2 for n Nokia Series 60n Symot Tracker can be used for online tracking of your vehicles on n the web. It is also an ideal application for fleet managers to track n their

Symot Tracker (Live) for Nokia Series 60 by: Symot technologies, last updated: 30/05/2007

Requirements: Bluetooth GPS receiver, Internet (GPRS,3G,EDGE) enabled Symbian phone

About Symot Tracker (Live) for Nokia Series 60

Symot Tracker(Live) for Nokia series 60 2nd edition phones
Symot Tracker (Live) for Nokia S60 2nd edition phones, is the best online tracking solution for your vehicles. It is the ideal application for fleet managers to track their cars, trucks or any  vehicles on the web.

All you require is a Nokia Series 60 phone and a bluetooth GPS receiver. Vehicle drivers can carry the phone and use it for his daily activities, while you can track his routes live from web site. Also you can track routes taken by your drivers on any previous date.

Driver cannot exit the application while using in a Nokia S60 2nd edition phone. Even if the driver restarts the phone, the application will turn ON automatically and start sending his location. Application can be turned OFF only by the administrator by logging in as admin on the phone.

Symot Tracker is also available for Nokia S60 3rd edition phones which can be used as a Navigator and live track viewer of your co-drivers. Symot Tracker for Nokia S60 3rd edition phones is recommended for personal use while the application for Nokia S60 2nd edition phones is recommended to use in driver phones for fleet management.  

1) Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver (this can be attached in the vehicle to be tracked).

2) Internet (GPRS,3G,EDGE) enabled Nokia Series 60 phone installed with this application (Vehicle drivers can use this phone for making calls or other daily activities while the tracker application is running OR If necessary you can also put both the GPS receiver and the phone in a case and hide it somewhere in the vehicle).

Symot Tracker (Live) Features

With Symot Tracker (Live), You can view Live motion of all your drivers on a single screen once you log in Symot Tracker website You also have hyperlinks for each driver to see the live motion of any particular driver. In order to add a driver under your username, go to ?edit profile’ page after you login from the Symot Tracker website and add a new device.

You can select a date and view the previous tracks of your drivers from a single screen. You have hyperlinks for each driver to see the previous tracks of any particular driver.

Bluetooth GPS receiver automatically reconnects within 2 minutes with the phone if you go away from the GPS receiver and gets back near to it.
If by any chance GPRS (internet) gets inactive in your phone or you are not in a GPRS active area, Symot Tracker records your route in the phone and sends it to the server once your GPRS is active.

Application turns ON automatically when the phone is restarted. The application will be always running on the phone unless the Admin turns OFF the ?service status’.

Periodicity is the time interval between each track points. You can set the periodicity from the Admin screen on the phone or from the 'Edit Profile' page after you login from the Symot Tracker website. You may adjust the periodicity depending on the interval between which you need to track your vehicles.

For tracking within a city or short distance tracking, periodicity in the range of 15 - 120 seconds is preferred. For long distance tracking, set periodicity in the range of 120-300 seconds. Setting the periodicity to higher value increases the battery performance and reduces the data transfer.

Set the time zone of your place in the Admin screen on the phone. (For eg, if you are in India set it as +05:30, if you are following Pacific standard time set it as -08:00, For Melbourne, Sydney In Australia set it as +10:00) The Default time zone set is GMT(+00:00).

Maps used in the website are Google Maps. All right reserved Google.

You can test for 3 vehicles right now by visiting  If incase you need to track more than 3 vehicles at the same time or customize the application with additional features, please email us at 

Steps for Tracker Setup:

1. Download this application and install it on your phone.
2. Sign up for a tracker account at
3. Open the application from the phone and hit admin option and login using the same username and password used during Sign Up.
4. Once you have logged in as Admin on the phone, Select the Bluetooth GPS receiver, Internet access point, Periodicity, Time zone and set the Service status as 'ON' and hit SAVE to start the service.
5. To stop the service, set the Service status as 'OFF' in Admin screen and hit SAVE.
6. Hitting 'Close' option on the phone exits the application only when the service status is set to 'OFF' in the admin screen, else the application runs on the background.
7. To track the device, log in at You can view the latest tracks as well as tracks for previous dates.


Symot Tracker is a subscription application to use in mobile phones and you can recharge your subscription monthly or quarterly. If subscription expires, the application stops running on the phone while you can continue to login your tracker account in Symot website. When you purchase Symot Tracker for Nokia Series 60 phones, you get 3 months subscription validity along with the purchase. For more details, visit us at

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Symot Tracker (Live) for Nokia Series 60, compatible Devices

Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 7610, Nokia N70, Nokia N72, Nokia N90

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