HellStriker (S60 1st Edition) for Symbian

HellStriker is a real-time 3D action game with stunning graphics, try the trial now!
HellStriker (S60 1st Edition)
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Version: 0.8.1

HellStriker (trial)nFeatures:nStunning GraphicsnSmooth AnimationsnPlenty of Special EffectsnVivid SoundsnBloody optionnControls:nMove: 2/4/6/8nAttack: 5nSpecial Attack: 0nReset Camera: 9nGame Menu: Left Soft KeynCancel: Right Soft KeynStory:

HellStriker (S60 1st Edition) by: DingooGames, last updated: 21/12/2006

Requirements: Nokia S60 1st edition, 6MB free RAM

About HellStriker (S60 1st Edition)

HellStriker (trial)Features:Stunning GraphicsSmooth AnimationsPlenty of Special EffectsVivid SoundsBloody optionControls:Move: 2/4/6/8Attack: 5Special Attack: 0Reset Camera: 9Game Menu: Left Soft KeyCancel: Right Soft KeyStory:200 years ago demons flooded over the world and brought a great disaster to men.The Shushan clan sealed the way to the hell with 3 divine swords after annihilating the demons.The world then enjoyed the peace.200 years later,the 3 divine swords were removed by the remaining demons in the world,and the demons in the hell are eager for action.As a disciple of Shushan clan, you must carry the heavy responsibility to get back the 3 divine swords and crack down on the demons alone.

HellStriker (S60 1st Edition), compatible Devices

Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD

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