Voice Inbox for Nokia S60 3rd edition for Symbian

Voice Inbox is your own independent on-device answering machine! Plays your greetings and records messages which are stored locally. Manageable with just few clicks!
Voice Inbox for Nokia S60 3rd edition
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Version: 1.00

Voice Inboxn for Nokia S60 3rd editionn(Nokia 3250/5500/N71/N73/N75/N77/N80/N91/N92/N93/E50/E60/E61(i)/E62/E70/E65)n Your own on-device answering machine!nVoice Inbox is an application that empowers your device with answering machine functionality. n

Voice Inbox for Nokia S60 3rd edition by: WebGate JSC, last updated: 20/12/2006

Requirements: None

About Voice Inbox for Nokia S60 3rd edition

Voice Inbox
for Nokia S60 3rd edition

(Nokia 3250/6110/6120/6121/6290/5500/5700/ N71/N73/N75/N76/N77/N80/N81/N91/N92/N93(i)/N95/E50/E51/E60/E61(i)/E62/E65/E70/E90)

Your own on-device answering machine! Voice Inbox is an application that empowers your device with answering machine functionality. Installing Voice Inbox on your device you can rely on your own independent answering machine with local storage of messages left instead of on your operator voice mailbox service.
How does Voice Inbox work?When somebody calls, the application answers the call with a greeting as defined by you and records the voice message left by the caller.When new messages have been received, you will see a notice on the phone's display. You can then play / delete the voice messages received and you can also see message details: when the message was recorded and who the caller was.Advantages:
  • Local log of messages received - messages received are stored on your own device and you can easily (re)play or delete them at any time and place
  • Flexibility - you can change greetings very easily and you can also set greeting timeout and length at your own preference
  • Tight integration with phonebook contacts - very useful to recognize callers who have left messages
  • User-friendly - the application is manageable with just few clicks
Registration InformationTrial version of the software is limited to 15 incoming calls. The full version of the software is unlocked by a license file that is provided upon purchase. The license file is based on the unique IMEI provided and the application can be used exclusively on the machine it is licensed for. The license cannot be retrieved and applied to other devices.
Call for upgrade:
If you use more than one S60 3rd applications of WebGate, please make sure that all of them are upgraded to the latest versions available. You can check the latest releases at www.webgate.bg/products.
To upgrade to the latest version please do the following:
- install the new version of the application
- open the application and follow the instructions to complete the installation process

Important note for license installation for Nokia E* series usersIf you have already installed the application and purchased a license, please go to Tools>Application Manager>Options>Settings>Software Installation and select All before installing the license. If you have trouble activating the application, please inform us at support@webgate.bg.New features in version 1.02:
  • support for Nokia S60 3.1 devices (5700/6110/6290/N95/N76/E90)
  • volume control for greetings and messages
  • notification of incoming calls when the caller hangs up during the greeting and does not leave a message
User ManualsDetailed User Manual is available here: http://www.webgate.bg/products/vi/manual/s60_3/.

Voice Inbox for Nokia S60 3rd edition, compatible Devices

Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500d, Nokia 6120, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N77, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N95

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