Pharmacology - Quick-Study Guide to Pharmacology and Medical Chemistry for Symbian

Boost Your grades with this Quick-Study Guide. Navigate from TOC or search for words or phrases. You will use this guide from medical or nursing school to residency and internship.
Pharmacology - Quick-Study Guide to Pharmacology and Medical Chemistry
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Boost Your grades with Pharmacology Quick-Study Guide. Navigate n from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases. You will use this guide n from medical or nursing school to residency and internship. nAudience nIntended for everyone intereste

Pharmacology - Quick-Study Guide to Pharmacology and Medical Chemistry by: MobileReference, last updated: 06/03/2007

Requirements: 1MB and Free MobiPocket Reader

About Pharmacology - Quick-Study Guide to Pharmacology and Medical Chemistry

Boost Your grades with Pharmacology Quick-Study Guide. Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases. You will use this guide from medical or nursing school to residency and internship. Audience Intended for everyone interested in Pharmacology, particularly medical students, nursing, undergraduate and graduate life science students, and dental students.Features
  • Difficult concepts are explained in simple terms.
  • Drug fundamentals
  • Most frequently prescribed drug classifications
  • Includes indications, reactions, and drug examples
  • Definitions
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Pharmacokinetics and more...
  • Navigate from Table of Contents or search for the words or phrases
  • Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway.
  • Multi-Platform device capability (PDA, smartphone, PC)
  • Add Bookmarks
  • Text annotation and mark-up
  • Use your down-time to prepare for an exam.
  • Always have the guide available for a quick reference.
  • Automatic synchronization between the handheld and the desktop PC. You could read half of the book on the handheld, then finish reading on the desktop. Annotations and drawings are also synchronized.
Table of ContentsPharmacology: Pharmacodynamics | Pharmacokinetics | Drug metabolism | ADME | Pharmacogenetics | Bioavailability | Drug discovery | Clinical trial | Drug delivery | Dosage form | Therapeutic index | Toxicity | Drug interaction | Placebo | Generic drug | Orphan drug | Controlled Substances Act | ATC codes | INNInfectious Diseases:
Antibiotic: Penicillin | Tetracycline | Sulfonamide
Antiviral: Anti-herpesvirus Aciclovir | Anti-influenza Oseltamivir | Antiretroviral drugs
Antifungal: Fluconazole | Nystatin
Antiprotozoal: Pentamidine | Metronidazole
Anthelmintic | Antiseptic Gastrointestinal System:
Upper digestive tract: Antacids | Reflux suppressants | Antiflatulents | Proton pump inhibitors | H2-receptor antagonists | Cytoprotectants | Prostaglandin analogues | Emetic | Antiemetics
Lower digestive tract: Laxatives | Antispasmodics | Antidiarrhoeals | Bile acid sequestrants | Opioids Cardiovascular System:
General: Beta-receptor blocker | Calcium channel blockers | Diuretics | Cardiac glycosides | Antiarrhythmics | Nitrate | Antianginals | Vasoconstrictor | Vasodilator
Affecting Blood pressure: ACE inhibitors | Angiotensin receptor blockers | Alpha blocker
Coagulation: Anticoagulant | Vitamin K antagonists | Heparin | Other Platelet aggregation inhibitors | Direct thrombin inhibitor | Fibrinolytic | Antifibrinolytics
Atherosclerosis/cholesterol agents: Hypolipidaemic agents | Statins | Fibrates | Bile acid sequestrantsCentral Nervous System:
Stimulants: Amphetamines | Cocaine | MDMA (Ecstasy) | MPH (Ritalin)
Antidepressants: MAOI | TCA | SSRI | SSRE | SNRI | NRI | DRI | Opioids
Depressants: Barbiturates | Phenobarbital | Benzodiazepine | Diazepam | Clonazepam | Chloral hydrate | Glutethimide
Antipsychotic: Chlorpromazine | Clozapine | Lithium salt
Hallucinogens: Psychedelics: LSD | Psilocybin | Dimethyltryptamine | Mescaline | Cannabinoids
Dissociative: Ketamine | Dextromethorphan | Nitrous oxide
Deliriants (Anticholinergics): Benztropine | Atropine | Atracurium
Anaesthetics: Diethyl ether | Nitrous Oxide | Propofol | Ketamine | Opioids
Emetic | Antiemetics | Anticonvulsant | AnxiolyticPain: NSAIDs | Opioids | Paracetamol | Local anesthetic Respiratory System: Bronchodilator | Anticholinergics | Beta2-adrenergic receptor agonists | Corticosteroids | Leukotriene receptor antagonists | Xanthines | Mast cell stabilizers | Antitussive | Dextromethorphan | Mucolytic | Decongestant | SympathomimeticAllergy: Antihistamine | NSAIDsAnti-inflammatory:
Glucocorticoid: Prednisone | Dexamethasone
NSAIDs: Aspirin | IbuprofenChemotherapy:
Alkylating agents: Cyclophosphamide | Carboplatin
Antimetabolites: Methotrexate | Capecitabine
Monoclonal antibodies: Alemtuzumab  Please also consider these products developed for You by MobileReference and SoundTells:TRAVEL GUIDES AND PHRASEBOOKS: New York | Paris | London | Amsterdam | Boston | Miami | Chicago | Greece | Israel | Montreal | National Parks | more...- Search keywords mobilereference and travelMEDICINE: Human Anatomy and Physiology | Human Nervous System | Neurophysiology | Neurochemistry | Biochemistry | Cell Biology | Medical Abbreviations and Terminology | Acupressure Guide | more...- Search keyword mobilereferenceHEALTH: Acupressure Guide | First Aid Guide | Headache Remedy | Hangover Remedy - FREE | more...- Search keyword soundtellsSCIENCE: Human Anatomy and Physiology | Cell Biology | Organic Chemistry | Biochemistry | Human Nervous System | Neurophysiology | Neurochemistry | Periodic Table of Elements | more...- Search keyword mobilereferenceHISTORY: Art History Guide | American Presidents | World Religions | U.S. History | European History | more...- Search keyword mobilereferenceRELIGION: The World English Bible (Modern Translation) | The Holy Bible (American Standard Version) | World Religions | more...- Search keyword mobilereferenceHOBBIES AND GAMES: Cookbook | Feng Shui | Chinese Astrology | Chess Guide | more...- Search keyword mobilereference 

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