Human Nervous System - Anatomical Perspective Quick Study Guide for Symbian

An ideal quick-study guide, also known as "cheat sheet", for human nervous system students. You will use this guide from an undergraduate school all the way to medical school.
Human Nervous System - Anatomical Perspective Quick Study Guide
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Boost your grades with this illustrated Quick-Study Guide. Navigate n from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases. FREE Neurocellular Anatomy n chapter in the trial version. nAudience nIntended for everyone interested in human nervous syst

Human Nervous System - Anatomical Perspective Quick Study Guide by: MobileReference, last updated: 05/03/2007

Requirements: 2MB and Free MobiPocket Reader

About Human Nervous System - Anatomical Perspective Quick Study Guide

Boost your grades with this illustrated Quick-Study Guide. Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases. FREE Neurocellular Anatomy chapter in the trial version. Audience Intended for everyone interested in human nervous system, particularly undergraduate and graduate life science students, medical students, nursing students, physician assistants students, and physical therapy students.Features
  • Fully illustrated.
  • Written in clear, concise format.
  • Difficult concepts are explained in simple terms.
  • Navigate from Table of Contents or search for the words or phrases
  • Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway.
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Table of ContentsI. Cells of the Nervous SystemNeuron: Axon | Dendrite | Apical dendrite | Dendritic spine | Synapse | Neuromuscular junction | Afferent nerve | Efferent nerve | Sensory nerve | Motor nerveTypes of neurons: Pyramidal cell | Betz cell | Purkinje cell | Muscle spindle | Golgi organ | Motor neuron | Sensory neuronGlial cell: Astrocyte | Oligodendrocyte | Schwann cell | MyelinII. Regional AnatomyAnatomical terms: Position | Direction | Motion Nervous System Organization: Brain | Spinal cord | Central nervous system | Peripheral nervous system | Somatic nervous system | Autonomic nervous system | Sympathetic nervous system | Parasympathetic nervous systemBrain Stem external anatomy: Medulla oblongata | Pons | Midbrain Brain Stem nuclei: Olivary body | Cochlear nuclei | Superior olivary nuclei | Inferior colliculi | Medial geniculate nuclei | Superior colliculus | Red nucleus | Substantia nigra | Reticular formation | Raphe nuclei | Locus ceruleus | Pedunculopontine nucleus | Midbrain nucleiCranial nerves: I olfactory | II optic | III oculomotor | IV trochlear | V trigeminal | V1 ophthalmic | V2 maxillary | V3 mandibular | VI abducens | VII facial | VIII vestibulocochlear (cochlear, vestibular) | IX glossopharyngeal | X vagus | XI accessory | XII hypoglossalCerebellum: Development and evolution | Anatomy | Blood supply | Dysfunction | Theories about cerebellar function | Purkinje cell Diencephalon : Thalamus : Medial geniculate nuclei | Lateral geniculate nucleus | Thalamocortical loop | Hypothalamus | Epithalamus : Pineal gland | Habenula | Subthalamus | Pituitary gland : Anterior pituitary | Posterior pituitary | Other : Third ventricle | Interventricular foramina | Optic chiasm | Subfornical organ Ventricular system: Lateral ventricles | Interventricular foramina | Third ventricle | Cerebral aqueduct | Fourth ventricle | Central canal | Choroid plexus | Cerebrospinal fluid Corpus striatum: Basal ganglia | Striatum | Putamen | Caudate nucleus | Nucleus accumbens | Globus pallidus | Subthalamic nucleus | Substantia nigraTelencephalon: Brain | Gyri and sulci | Brodmann area | Cerebral cortex | Cerebral hemisphere | Lateralization of brain function | Frontal lobe | Occipital lobe | Parietal lobe | Temporal lobe | Corpus callosum | Fornix | Limbic SystemIII. Major SystemsVisual system: Eye | Rods | Cones | Rods vs. Cones | Optic nerve | Optic chiasm | Optic tract | Lateral geniculate nucleus | Optic radiation | Visual cortexAuditory system : Outer ear : Pinna | Ear canal | Middle ear : Eardrum | Ossicles | Stapedius | Tensor tympani | Eustachian tube | Inner ear : Cochlea | Oval window | Helicotrema | Round window | Basilar membrane | Reissner's membrane | Organ of Corti | Hair cells | Stereocilia | Neural audition circuit : Cochlear nerve (VIII) | Cochlear nuclei | Superior olivary nuclei | Inferior colliculi | Medial geniculate nuclei | Primary auditory cortexOlfactory system: Olfactory bulb | Olfactory nerve | Olfactory epithelium | Glomeruli | Olfactory mucosa | Olfactory receptor neurons | Mitral cells | Piriform cortexLimbic System: Amygdala | Cingulate gyrus | Fornicate gyrus | Hippocampus | Hypothalamus | Mammillary body | Nucleus accumbens | Orbitofrontal cortex | Parahippocampal gyrusGustatory system: Tongue | Taste bud | Basic tastes | Primary gustatory area Somatosensory system: Nociception | Thermoreception | Vestibular system |
Mechanoreception : Pacinian corpuscle | Meissner's corpuscles | Merkel's discs | Ruffini endings | Free nerve endings | Hair follicle receptors | Proprioception : Golgi organ | Muscle spindleMotor System: Primary motor cortex | Motor neuron | Upper motor neuron | Lower motor neuron | Motor unit | Motor unit recruitment 

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