ScreenCamS60 for 2nd Edition for Symbian

ScreenCamS60 is a tool which allows you to connect two phones via bluetooth, take and send camera pictures on one phone and watch these pictures on another phone.
ScreenCamS60 for 2nd Edition
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Version: 1.0.0_Signed

Use your old phone as a phonecam! nScreencamS60 turns your phone into a genuine phonecam taking and displaying moving images remotely on a second phone. Zoom level, image quality, image resolution and night exposure mode can be set remotely. Select cont

ScreenCamS60 for 2nd Edition by: TerraMobilis, last updated: 25/08/2006

Requirements: Symbian S60 2nd edition (OS 7.0,8.0,8.1)

About ScreenCamS60 for 2nd Edition

Use your old phone as a phonecam! ScreencamS60 turns your phone into a genuine phonecam taking and displaying moving images remotely on a second phone. Zoom level, image quality, image resolution and night exposure mode can be set remotely. Select continuous, interval or single mode and choose which camera on the phone you want to use!Use ScreenCamS60 as a baby monitor or as a security camera!ScreenCamS60 is easy to use! The phonecam can be set-up in three easy steps:
  • Start the camera on the master phone
  • Start bluetooth on the master phone
  • Connect the slave phone to the master phone
  • Phonecam starts automatically
ScreenCam can be stopped to show some detail on the picture by moving an arrow pointer with the joystick.It is possible to use ScreenCamS60 in different sharing modes (continuous, interval or single mode), change the JPEG quality on a continuous scale from 1 to 100, set delay and interval times, customize the notification message (visual message and/or tone), and specify memory location, directory name and file name when saving a picture on the slave. A unique feature of ScreenCamS60 is the possibility to remotely change the settings of the master phone on the slave phone:
  • Picture quality : choose very low, low, medium, high or very high quality
  • Picture resolution : select low or high resolution
  • Night exposure mode : switch the camera night exposure mode on or off
And even the zoom level can be changed remotely by pushing the joystick on the slave phone up or down.Don't throw away your old symbian phone but use it as a remote phonecam! Use ScreenCamS60 as a baby video monitor or as a security camera!List of features:
  • Continuous, interval or single mode
  • Set the interval delay in interval mode
  • JPEG format with gradual quality setting 1 to 100
  • Camera quality, resolution and night exposure mode settings can be changed remotely
  • Control the zoom level remotely on the slave
  • Auditive or visual start/stop notification
  • Save picture to a file on the slave
  • Customize memory location, directory and file name
  • View last sent screen
  • Select 1st or 2nd camera
  • Send ScreenCamS60 to the background

Trial version and registrationDownload the trial version of ScreenCamS60 and start using the phonecam immediately! All features are enabled on the trial version without time limit. However, the image quality is limited to low quality JPEG.Purchase and register ScreenCamS60 to unlock the quality settings. ScreenCamS60 does NOT need to be registered for use as a client (slave phone). Just install the trial version on any phone wich you want to use to remotely watch the phonecam! ScreenCamS60 is available in English, French, German and Dutch.ScreenCamS60 works on all S60 second edition phones! When using ScreenCamS60 between a second and a third edition phone, download and install the correct version of ScreenCamS60 on each phone.For more information visit

ScreenCamS60 for 2nd Edition, compatible Devices

Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 7610, Nokia N70, Nokia N72, Nokia N90

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