Retch v2 for Symbian

A Flashlite character, who tells jokes, plays a follow-my-moves game, and can even chat to you. Flash Lite S60 3rd edition
Retch v2
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Version: 2

RETCH n S60 3rd editionnDescription:nRetch is an AI interactive Flash Lite stand alonen application. He has many responses that will be randomly activated if you don not add any text to the input field.nHe mentally listens to your text input, and

Retch v2 by: chatebots Ltd UK, last updated: 14/07/2006

Requirements: Flash Lite player. Older Nokia users can download a free player from Adobe site

About Retch v2

S60 3rd edition
Description:Retch is an AI interactive Flash Lite stand alone application. He has many responses that will be randomly activated if you do not add any text to the input field.He mentally listens to your text input, and responds with a text response that relates to your question. If however, he doesn't like what you are talking about, he will say one of his random phrases to restart or redirect the conversation.You can also play another game with him if you click the # key. Retch will do one of his funny actions which you have to repeat by pressing any of the keys from 1 to 4. The sequence of Retch's moves will increase every time you repeat it correctly. However if you get it wrong he will laugh at you and start again.There are a number of funny actions that Retch may get up too, these range from him dancing, being sick, farting, and pointing at the screen. However, sometimes he will just talk normally to you.On opening the program, you will firstly be directed to add your name, so as Retch will know who he is speaking too.Do this, on your phone, by selecting the text input box using the centre up, or down key, and then opening the pop up text window, by using the central enter key. After doing this, use the centre down key to select the Enter button on the screen, which will then open the dialogue page. He can be your mobile buddy, but he speaks and understands only English.Select the input text box by using the central keys on the phone. Open the text pop up window by using the central enter key and add your message. Click OK and then press the mushroom button 'Chat' soft key on the left to submit your text.  Installing Flash Lite SWF content onto a handset

After you have unzipped the game on your PC, install Flash game on your phone, and place them in one of these folders;

Phone mem/Documents/Flash

Memory card/Documents/Flash

The flash player can look in either of these directories, so justtransfer the file to one of them. With Nokia phones, the Nokia PC Suite software creates a system folder for the phone, so you can browse through the phone memory just like you would any hard drive, and can just copy files over into these folders.

Transfer the Flash games swf to the device, using one of the following methods:

IR (infrared): If your PC and handset both support infrared, you can connect the device with the PC and transfer the file via IR.

Bluetooth: If your PC and handset both support Bluetooth, you can connect the device with the PC and transfer the file via Bluetooth.

Memory card: Using a memory card reader, you can transfer the file to the memory card for the phone.

USB: Most phone manufacturers supply a USB cable forsynchronising the handset with a PC and transferring files. Reminder

When copying SWF files to view on the handset, it is important to remember to install the SWF file(s) into the correct folder on thedevice. The Flash Lite player will only recognize SWF files that arelocated in the following folders or sub folders within them.

Phone mem/Documents/Flash

Memory card/Documents/Flash

Once the SWF content is copied to one of the folders listed above, open Flash Lite from the application list, and find the SWF file to view andselect it. Flash Lite will open the SWF file for viewing.

Retch v2, compatible Devices

Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500d, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E62, Nokia E70, Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N80, Nokia N90, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N95

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