YTime for Symbian

YTime provides you with a high accurate and a modern graphical designed Time Machine.
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Version: 1.06

YTime provides you with a high accurate andna modern graphical designed Time Machine.n nThe main features:n nAnalog Clockn The current YTime version supports twon different clock appearances (skins). n The second-hand can tick in two

YTime by: XYZ, last updated: 06/07/2006

Requirements: Symbian

About YTime

YTime provides you with a high accurate anda modern graphical designed Time Machine. The main features: Analog Clock
  • The current YTime version supports two different clock appearances (skins).
  • The second-hand can tick in two different ways, one is normal step style which is used in quartz clocks and the other is the smooth style often seen in automatic clocks.
  • You can hide or show the second-hand.
  • It is also possible to switch off the screensaver with backlight always on, useful in a conference to have always a big clock in view.
  • If your phone system time is running out of sync, YTime correct it easily with an atomic clock.
 Tip:Press the Pencil(ABC)-key in the phone ormenu application and the clock appears as long as you press the key. Onlyavailable, if the YTime clock is running in the background. Stopwatch
  • 9 different stopwatches are available. They are selectable with the Right-Left Arrow- Keys.
  • Start or stop the timer by pressing the Enter-Key.
  • YTime remembers all running timers and are still available after phone or program restart.
  • The Earth is shown as a globe, with your home city in the middle.
  • Multiple earth maps are supported.
  • Rotation and Zooming are supported.
  • The time for the Earth view is changeable with the Number-Keys
  • The Arrow-Keys are moving a cursor over the Earth.
  • The nearest city is shown as a red dot in the map. The city name is displayed in the title pane with the city time and latitude and longitude position coordinates.
  • More current city information is displayed in a specific dialog: Sunrise, Sunset, capital?
  • In the map top-left corner, the coordinates from current cursor position is displayed. In the top-right corner, the current time for the earth map is shown.
 Moon·       The Moon view shows the phase of the Moon asseen from the Earth.·       The title pane displays the percentage of theMoon illuminated. At New Moon the percent illuminated is 0. Full Moon means100%.·       Date and time for the next Moon mean phases isalso supported.
  • Use the Arrow-Keys or Number-Keys to change the date and time, to search for a specific Moon appearance.
 RegistrationAfter a 3 days trial phase, you have toregister the program. LanguagesSupported languages are English and German.If you want to translate it to your native language, please contact the author. Version 1.06  History V1.06: Overall performance improvements.           The Earth rotates in real time now.           The Cursor at the screen border moves the map now.           Earth rotation mode added.           Fixed bug in the Earth start-up phase.V1.02: Registration bug fix.V1.00: Initial release. 

YTime, compatible Devices

Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 7610, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia N70, Nokia N90

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