CellPos (S60 3rd Edition) for Symbian

CellPos records the position of GSM/WCDMA network cells automatically
CellPos (S60 3rd Edition)
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Version: 1.31

STARTUPn1. Start the GPS devicen2. Start the application, select the GPS device (only at the first run)n3. the program works automatically, records each cell you are passing byn3. export the records in a text file using the 'Export' command, nMCC,

CellPos (S60 3rd Edition) by: Viking Informatics Ltd., last updated: 22/11/2006

Requirements: Symbian OS9.1, 1MB RAM

About CellPos (S60 3rd Edition)

1. Start the GPS device
2. Start the application, select the GPS device (only at the first run)
3. the program works automatically, records each cell you are passing by
3. export the records in a text file using the 'Export' command,
MCC, MNC, Cell ID, Latitude, Longitude, signal strength, LAC,
name of cell are saved in a tabulator delimited text file.DISPLAY
  • crossed: GPS is not connected
  • rotating: GPS connected, but position is not accurate yet
  • rotating slowly: valid position from GPS device.
Displays position in WSG 84 format, the name (if defined) or the ID of the currenct network cell with the signal strength in dBm, the current speed and the number of cells recorded in database.Animation: estimates and visualizes the neighbourhood of the current position using the distances between the center of the passed cells, from tree (large distances) to skyscrapers (small distances).Bar: visualize the efficiency for collecting (for the last 20 cells):
- dark grey: new cells in database;
- light grey: modified cells;
- no fill: unmodified cells.IMPORT FILE
You can import a previously exported file into the database. Only detected database files will be displayer. You will be offered to clear the existing database first, otherwise database will be merged with the imported content.UPLOAD TO SERVER
Initiates a connection to our server storing thousands of the positions of network cells, and sends the modified records since the last upload to us. Server sends back the number of new and modified cells in database on server. Please help us to maintain and enhance our database. This database is available for registered users (upon request).HOW DOES IT WORK
The application continuously monitors changes in cell ID and signal strength, and stores the 2 farthest positions with the highest signal strength for each cell. When exported, these positions are averaged to make the centre of the cell.FILE FORMAT
The header should be the same for each file, then each cell is in one row: MNC MCC Cell Latitude Longitude Signal LAC NAME Network
70 216 10841 4730.4950N 1901.6330E 65 63 Test1 0
70 216 10844 4730.4655N 1901.5270E 65 63 Test2 0
70 216 11312 4727.1375N 1857.2195E 69 10162 Test3 0
70 216 11314 4727.2205N 1858.1845E 76 10162 0MNC: mobile network code (70 means Vodafone in Hungary)
MCC: mobile country code (216 means Hungary)
Cell: cell ID
LAC: location area code
Signal: signal strength in -dBm
Latitude/longitude: 4730.4950N equals to 47 degrees and 30.4950 minutes = 47 degrees,
30 minutes and 0.4950*60 = 29 seconds.
NAME: the name of the cell (if you have specified it).
Network: 0 (unknown), 1 (unregistered), 2 (GSM/GPRS or DCS1800), 3 (AMPS), 4 (CDMA IS-95), 5 (CDMA 2000), 6 (WCDMA), 7 (TD-CDMA) - not all of these types are used.TROUBLESHOOTING
No GPS connection / changing GPS device: use Option/Reconnect GPS (lasts for about 10-15 seconds).

CellPos (S60 3rd Edition), compatible Devices

Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500d, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E62, Nokia E70, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N95

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