PowerDesk Pro for Nokia 9500/9300(i) Communicator for Symbian

Transform your Nokia 9500/9300 into the most powerful, customizable working machine for your business and private needs!
PowerDesk Pro for Nokia 9500/9300(i) Communicator
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Version: 1.2

PowerDesk Pro is designed to help a user to optimize, simplify and organize most common everyday actions performed on a communicator in a very clear nand most comfortable way. Highly powerful and customizable Desktop application replaces the built-in one

PowerDesk Pro for Nokia 9500/9300(i) Communicator by: Rock Your Mobile!, last updated: 20/11/2006

Requirements: Works on all devices!

About PowerDesk Pro for Nokia 9500/9300(i) Communicator

PowerDesk Pro is designed to help a user to optimize, simplify and organize most common everyday actions performed on a communicator in a very clear and most comfortable way. Highly powerful and customizable Desktop application replaces the built-in one completely; today view allows you to overview and to work with your daily events, appointments, tasks and messages; comprehensive task manager; windows Alt-Tab style task switcher, assigning hotkeys for applications, speed dials, contacts, actions and hundreds more other unique functions and possibilities to explore. Touch pure productivity power today, try PowerDesk the next generation of software development for Nokia smartphones!

Desktop viewThe Desktop view is in some way quite similar to the built-in system app Desktop. But it's a highly improved version. All desktop items can be listed in the same way as in the built-in one (icon and caption), with 3 zoom levels, etc. But it is possible for the user to create folders and any number of subfolders on the desktopand organize items between them.

An item on the PowerDesk Pro desktop can be (any number of):


For any item placed on the desktop you can assign a global hotkey. Global hotkey means once a hotkey is assigned then it works not only when PowerDesk is running in foreground, but when PowerDesk is in background also and it will work with any other application.

E.g. with one key press you can immediately dial your wife, open contact details of your boss, start any application, etc any time you work with your Communicator.

To define hotkey for an item you need to select the item, and use 'Properties' command on the Desk menu (or press Ctrl-P).


All items on the desk can be sorted. There are 2 different sorts:
  • Sort by name. Automatic sort method, which shows all your items on the desktop sorted by item name.
  • Manual sort. In this mode you can arrange all items on the desktop in your own order.
When Manual sort mode is activated you can use Move left (Ctrl+Left arrow)and Move right (Ctrl+Right arrow) commands to move (swap) items and change their order the way you like.

Today pane

In the top right corner of the desktop you can see the Today pane. It shows brief information from today view. Here you can see how many unread messages you have in your inbox, how many uncompleted tasksyou have for today (+ overdue tasks here as well) and how many various uncompleted events and appointments you have for today. If you are not interested in such information to be visible on yourdesktop you can switch it off in View settings.

  • Pressing Ctrl, Shift, Ctrl-Shift and Func keys animates the buttons bar. While you press one of these keys the button set is changed and different commands are displayed. Most commands on button bar can be accessed in this way without switching to menus.
  • You can change any item icon or text by using 'Properties' command on the Desk menu (or press Ctrl-P).
  • Using 'Move to folder' command (Ctrl-M) you can move any selected item to any other folder.
  • Using 'Go to folder' command (Space key) allows you to go to any folderor subfolder in the fastest way.
Productivity powerWindows Alt-Tab style task switcher as one of dozens
actions that PowerDesk Pro supports to assign hotkeysHotkeys

Using Properies command you can assign a hotkey to any item that is located on your desktop. But that's not all! You can also assign hotkeys to many very powerful actions and perform them any time with one single press.To define Actions hotkeys you should use 'Actions hotkeys' command on the tools menu. Available actions to customize with hotkeys:Popup PowerDesk,Popup PowerDesk [Desk],Popup PowerDesk [Today],TaskMan,Task switcher,New menu,Start menu,Close current app,Kill current app,Close all apps,Close all apps but current,Compact memory,Backlight mode,Memory information,Restart device,New call,New meeting,New to-do entry,New memo,New anniversary,New SMS,New MMS,New Email,New FaxToday viewToday view is powerful and unique information managing tool for displaying user's appointments, tasks and messagings in the customizable, convenient and well-designed form.

Today view collects information from Calendar application to show youall your important information in a single optimized view. You can change any entry state(e.g. Completed (Space key) or tentative). Moreover you can edit or create new meetings, memos, to-do entries etc right here without using Calendar application at all.TaskManPowerDesk includes the TaskMan module.

This module (view) shows the information about running applications. Here you can see how much memory the running app uses, switch to the selected application, close or kill an application, get it's extended information (e.g. UID, where it is located on disk etc) and process information.

You can see the current amount of memory left and disk space in this view as well.

Hint: to see all actions available in TaskMan press Ctrl + shift keys.

Sample desktop backgroundsYou can use any images as Desktop and Today view backgrounds.
Recommended sizes for background image:

Desktop view - 548x200 pixels
Today view - 608x200 pixels

PowerDesk Pro for Nokia 9500/9300(i) Communicator, compatible Devices

Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500

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