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terminal emulator for nokia 9300/9500
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Version: v1.03

NewDIAL95 is a terminal emulator for the Nokia Communicator 9500/9300. The terminal engine, and user interface are based on the successful newDIAL9200 product.nThe dial-in connection is made via the GSM mobile telephone built into the Communicator. nTer

newDIAL95 by: NewNet marketing, last updated: 27/02/2006


About newDIAL95

NewDIAL95 is a terminal emulator for the Nokia Communicator 9500/9300. The terminal engine, and user interface are based on the successful newDIAL9200 product.The dial-in connection is made via the GSM mobile telephone built into the Communicator. Terminal connections can be easily made via the GSM network to remote hosts, or network switches using newDIAL95.A lot of service personnel need to access their network or system equipment using simple serial connections. NewDIAL95 supports Bluetooth connections via serial dongles for such actions.When logged into remote systems, entry of complicated commands can be drastically simplified by using the "stored command" feature, or by using the command recall button.NewDIAL95 can either be used to proactively connect to a remote modem ("connect mode"), or passively wait and accept an incoming data call ("answer mode")All information can be simply entered when starting a call through a single dialog. In this dialog data can be easily extracted from a Contact database, or manually entered. The calltype (Analog, V.110, HSCSD, etc) and serial paramaters (7, or 8 bit, etc) will also be selected at this time. All this data will be stored in a history database, which can store up to 30 complete call entries. To simplify selecting data from this history, the calls can be given names under which they can be easily found.One of the most important design considerations was ease of use, for this reason the Communicator buttons can be configured by the user to allow easy entry of standard texts, or even program functions. Any one of 2 sets of buttons can be selected for these functions. A standard text, or escape sequence is entered in a very simple form, even control characters can be included. The user can therefore configure the complete screen for his optimal data entry environment to reduce the amount of data he has to entere from the keyboard. To further increase flexibility, the Communicator Number keys (+ Ctrl) can be used as "hot keys". Normally these are programmed to send the "function codes" F1 to F10. The codes can however be changed to send any text, or control sequence.NewDIAL95 is a terminal emulator with extras. Normally when data disappears from the terminal screen it is lost for ever, newDIAL95 however also includes a history buffer allowing the user to look back at the last received text from the remote host. He can even select and copy parts of this history into the clipboard for use with other text programs.The communicator screen is smaller than its terminal counterpart. This typically results in the user having to scroll backwards and forwards to see the complete screen. Normal scrollbars can be used for this. Just drag the contents of the screen by pressing the Func key, and the direction block. The scrollbars can even be completely removed from the screen leaving a larger terminal area than before.Another feature which can ease data entry is the "follow" cursor function. When this is selected the program will automatically scroll to follow the cursor. Depending on the program running on the host, this can be an advantage or not. For this reason, this function is normally placed on one of the buttons for easy access.NewDIAL95 supports all standard ANSI, VT2xx, VT100, VT52, TVI950, WSYE 60 and ADM3A escape sequences. The following codepages can be selected: ISO88591, IBM1252, UTF7, UTF8, GB12345 and GB2312.All data can be traced into a logfile to help diagnose any communication problems. The cursor keys (up, down, etc) are predefined for the selected standard, however it has often been found that the different remote systems do not all stick by the standards. For this reason, the cursor escape sequences can be modified for each mode, this allows a complete flexibility.When configuring network switches or routers it is sometimes useful to be able to capture, and replay the data from the remote side. This can be done either by enabling the tracing functions. This allows a very large amount of data to stored. The data can then either be replayed, or copied via PC-Suite to the PC at a later date. The other possibility is to cut and paste the screen into another application. This is a cut from a terminal screen, and cannot therefore move move more data than is being displayed. Data pasted into newDIAL95 will be sent directly to the remote partner via the GSM link, and has no size limitation. This feature is often used to configure switches, or routers with configuration data stored as files.NewDIAL95 is fully functional, but will remind the user at regular intervals that he should register. After 30 Days it will expire, and not allow any more connections to be made. The registration can be made simply online, and after the registration you will receive the registration code via email. This code must be entered into newDIAL95, after which time all reminder windows will disappear.Languages: English, GermanFor more info...Contact E-m@il

newDIAL95, compatible Devices

Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500

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