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Now you can enjoy great customization and enhaced phone security with LockMe . One key can unlock your keypad, one SMS will lock your phone.
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Version: 1.05

span.moveleftn{nmargin-left:30px;n}nspan.coden{nfont-weight:bold;ncolor:darkgreen;n}nspan.lockn{nfont-weight:bold;n}nLockMenWith "LockMe" you can easily lock your keyboard and the whole phone. You can set a keypad auto lock period which wi

LockMe by: MobiFun Soft, last updated: 18/02/2006

Requirements: Nokia Series 60 v2.0 phone (without 6600 and 6620), memory: 80 kb on drive C

About LockMe

span.moveleft{margin-left:30px;}span.code{font-weight:bold;color:darkgreen;}span.lock{font-weight:bold;}LockMeWith "LockMe" you can easily lock your keyboard and the whole phone. You can set a keypad auto lock period which will prevent the phone from accidental calls.
"LockMe" allows you to choose the most convenient unlock combination for yourself. Nokia users, you can forget now the boring "Unlock" + "*"!
Another feature allows you to set a day period during which the phone will light the display after any key activity. Thus, unlocking keypad in the night will be as easy as in the day.
"LockMe" also provides a way to protect your phone and its data in case you have lost it. By sending one SMS with the last 4 digits of the IMEI and a text, you will lock your phone remotely and the text will appear on the screen. So you can ask the conscientious person that finds the phone to signal you on another address/phone. Or you can use the feature in your own creative way. In case of a going phone call, your SMS will end the call before locking the phone, thus saving you a lot of troubles if the phone has been stolen.

Note: Please make sure you know the device lock code, before sending the lock sms (because you will need it latter to unlock the telefone)
Note: Full contextual help is available.

Main features description:
  • Keypad
    • Auto Lock period definition
    • "Light" day period definition. During it every pressed key will light the display, even in case of the keypad is locked
    • Easier unlock combination selection
  • Phone
    • SMS Lock Management. Enabling this function allows you to lock you phone from a distance just by sending one SMS
    • SMS Confirmation. If you enable this feature, after your locking SMS, the phone will reply with SMS containing its IMEI code and its location cell ID
Version 1.03:
  • Some problems has been fixed
  • Feature allowing automatic keypad unlock during software installation has been added
  • Easy unlock is now unlocking the keypad faster
SMS format:
Code Lock Text
where Code are the last 4 digits of the phone's IMEI code for security reasons. Lock is the command for the phone.Text will be displayed on the phone after the SMS is received.

Example: If you have a device with IMEI 352350-10-248688-8 and you want to display on the phone 'The phone has been forgotten! Please call +1887389675', you should send the following SMS:
6888 Lock The phone has been forgotten! Please call +1887389675

Registration Information:
You will have a full version of the application for two days. After this period only the keypad auto lock will remain active and you will be able to enjoy it as long as you like. The full functionality of the application can be available again by a registration with the key provided upon purchase.Supported Languages: English, Bulgarian, Albanian
Note: If your language is not supported and you wish to help us with the translation, please send us a mail to support@mobifunsoft.com

LockMe, compatible Devices

Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 7610, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia N70

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