Best FullScreenCaller for Nokia 7710 for Symbian

Shows a big picture and detailed information about the contact during incoming and outgoing calls!
Best FullScreenCaller for Nokia 7710
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Version: 1.00

Best FullScreenCaller shows a big picture and detailed information about the contact duringnincoming and outgoing calls. It has many options allowing easy customization nof "incoming/outgoing call dialog". n Best FullScreenCaller features: n Full c

Best FullScreenCaller for Nokia 7710 by: Smartphoneware, last updated: 03/02/2006


About Best FullScreenCaller for Nokia 7710

Best FullScreenCaller shows a big picture and detailed information about the contact duringincoming and outgoing calls. It has many options allowing easy customization of "incoming/outgoing call dialog". Best FullScreenCaller features:
  • Full customization of "incoming/outgoing call dialog". Configuration application allows complete view customization of the dialog appearing while incoming or outgoing calls. Namely: background picture, font color,displayed fields, transparency level...

  • Complete integration with inbuilt Contacts. When assigning pictures, Best FullScreenCaller links them to the unique contact number in contacts database. When "incoming/outgoing call dialog" is displayed, all available information about the contact isretrieved from the contacts database.

  • Service application. Best FullScreenCaller is a professionally built application and consists of configuration application launched in the same way as any other application and service module representing a process always loaded into the memory. After finishing software configuration, you can activate the service and close the configuration application.Service module will do all the job using a really small amount of memory and system resources.

  • Autostart at phone's start-up. If the service is active and the device was turned off and then back on, the service module will start automatically at system start-up. You don't have to always remember about Best FullScreenCaller, simply configure and activate it.

User guide:
How to start:
  • Launch Best FullScreenCaller;
  • Open configuration dialog and check the option Active;
  • Set pictures for contacts, contact groups and contacts database;
  • When there is an incoming call or you dial a number, Best FullScreenCaller will identify the number and find the best picture for it. Example: if no photo for the contact was found (wasn't set), the group where the contact belongs is checked, if there is no picture for the group either, then it checks for a picture assigned to contacts database.

Main view:In the main view of the application, in the left panel, you can see the list of contacts and contact groups corresponding to the list in phone's contacts database.On the right, the pictures assigned to contacts are shown. To assign a picture choose Set picture command, then select the file containing the desired photo.The selected photo will appear in picture editor dialog:The dashed line highlights the part of the photo, which will remain in the resulting picture. Use the scroll bar for displacing the picture, for finer scrolling use cursor keys.

  • Active - if this option is activated, Best FullScreenCaller will start automatically when the phone is turned on and show the picture when there is a call;
  • Show on incoming calls;
  • Show on outgoing calls;
  • Name order;
  • Look and feel settings;
  • Contact fields displayed on incoming/outgoing call;
Technical information:All photos are saved on the disk, where Best FullScreenCaller is installed, in the following folder: \System\Apps\BSCaller\Pictures\The size of all pictures is 185 x 195 px.

Best FullScreenCaller for Nokia 7710, compatible Devices

Nokia 7710

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