jMSN Pro for Symbian

MSN Messenger integrated with native Contacts and other applications. Create new SMS/MMS/email and make phone call from MSN. Enhanced vibration/infomsg notification.
jMSN Pro
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Version: 1.4.0

jMSN Pro is a big enhancement since jMSN 1.5.3. By using the JNI extention, it integrated with the P900/P800 nseamlessly. jMSN Pro's contact can be linked to your native contact by adding the person's passport email to native contact.nThen you can mak

jMSN Pro by: J. PI's Mobile Software, last updated: 29/01/2006

Requirements: Require 296K memory

About jMSN Pro

jMSN Pro is a big enhancement since jMSN 1.5.3. By using the JNI extention, it integrated with the P900/P800 seamlessly. jMSN Pro's contact can be linked to your native contact by adding the person's passport email to native contact.Then you can make phone call, send SMS/MMS/email to the person directly from jMSN Pro's contact list. The email, web link and phone number received in the instant message window can be recognized and you can open the link directly in jMSN Pro.Besides sound notification, now jMSN Pro can also using vibration and bubble message to tell you who's online or new message receive.jMSN Pro using IMEI to register so you can use more than one MSN account without register again.New feature in jMSN Pro 1.4.0:
  • Support add, rename, delete group.
  • Support copy, move contact between groups.
  • Add notification when being added by other contact.
New feature in jMSN Pro 1.3.0:
  • Support P910, A925 and other UIQ phones.
  • Support P910 Hardware Keypad, Send message by press <Enter> or Jogdial.
  • Support multiple user-accounts.
  • Support Logon as "Appear Offline".
  • Support set myself as Idle after Inactive for a few minutes.
  • Add auto reply function.
New feature in jMSN Pro 1.2.0:
  • Add groups support in contact list
  • Support hotmail email notification (click on the email icon left to your status icon)
  • Show jMSN login user as on a mobile device.
  • Add insert in emotion dialog and 5 hidden emotions
  • Support Dutch, French, Norwegian and Swedish. Download and install language package.
New feature in jMSN Pro 1.1.0:
  • Change register method to use 15-digit IMEI
  • Add Swedish UI (Thank to Rickard Nyberg for translation)
  • Add Dutch UI (Thank to Jeremy Tjon for translation)
  • Improve login speed and optimize memory usage
New feature in jMSN Pro 1.0.0:
  • Integrate MSN contacts with native contacts, directly make call, send messages from MSN contacts
  • Support multi-account, register using IMEI
  • Vibration notification of user online and new message received
  • Bubble message notification of user online and new instant message session
  • Open link, send email and make call from the instant message window
  • Auto-update notification
  • Improve file transfer support passive mode
  • Auto-reconnect after drop
Feature inherit from jMSN:
  • Support MSN Messenger 5.0 .NET passport authetication.
  • Support MSN Messenger 6.0 emotions include animation emotions (both input and display)
  • Support English, Simplified Chinese and Traiditional Chinese UI
  • Sound notification for user online and new message received. (Can be disable)
  • Support File Transfer, can send instant message while transfering file
  • Instance message session can be save to file. (Auto-save will save all your message until you close the session)
  • Support text color and text style, support text zoom.
  • Using Ticker Tape Label to show trimmed text. Try click on the Label end with "..."
  • Show user typing message, last message received time
  • Add auto-login function, if choose remember password
  • Support select/cut/copy/paste text.
  • Jogdial support, jogdial can be used in any dialog, to select contact, emotion, ok, etc.
  • Full unicode support
  • Contacts management, Add/Remove/Block/Unblock Contacts
  • Change current state and nickname (Press on the nickname)
  • Instant Message between 2 or more persons (conference)
  • Support unlimited number of chat sessions. In the Demo version, only one chat session is allowed.
  • Using tab to switch between chat session (tab will flash if there is unread message)
  • How to register? How can I get my register code?
    From the phone: click on the register url in the register dialog, click open, the browser will be open and the registerpage will be displayed with you IMEI filled in. Just input your bill email, the register code will be shown on the next page. Copy and paste it to the register dialog.
    From the PC: go to Filling the form with your billing email and IMEI. Make sure you input the correct information or your register code will not work. Then click register. Your register code will be shown on the next page.
    An email with register code will be sent to your billing email.
    Please note:
    The billing email is the email address when you receive purchase confirmation from the distribution web.
  • I've register before, however I lost my register code. How can I find it?
    Just input your billing email in the form at, you can find you register code
  • I change my MSN account, does the register code Still work?
    Yes. jMSN Pro was registered using your phone's IMEI.
  • Why my register code doesn't work.
    You must input the wrong IMEI in the register form. Please contact jMSN Pro support and provide your information. (Billing email, the right IMEI.)
  • I can't login using jMSN Pro. What's wrong?
    First check if you have set your GPRS account correctly. jMSN Pro require your GPRS connection to be able to connect MSN Service via port 1863 and .NET passport service using https (port 443). If you operator disable those ports, you can't use jMSN Pro. Second, check your setting. Please don't tick "using HTTP connection" as there are some problem with http session. (Will be fixed in later version). If all those are OK, you should be able to use jMSN Pro. However, due to unstable and long delay of GPRS connection, jMSN Pro may not be able to connect to the MSN server sometimes. Just try again later, it will be OK. Sometime when Microsoft maintain their server, the service could also be unstable.
  • Can I send/receive file using jMSN Pro? Every time I get "file transfer failed".
    It depends on your network. Most GRPS using a internal IP and NAT to connect to the internet. If either the sender or the receiver have a real IP, you should be able to transfer file. Or if the sender and the receiverare in the same network and can have a direct connection, you should be able to transfe file.
  • It sometimes crashes and gives me a error that normal? Is there something that I can do to prevent it from crashing?
    It's the problem of the P800's JVM. If you are using a old version of P900/P800 firmware, You can go to SonyEricsson custom service to upgrade it.
  • I'm an old user of jMSN, can I get a free upgrade?
    No. Because the jMSN Pro using a different method to register, we decide to make it a new product. However, we will offer discount for jMSN user. By using the promotion code, you just need to pay for the price difference. The promotion code is send to your hotmail billing email and will be expired on Jan. 31th, 2003. If you didn't receive itplease contact me immediately. We will provide you free upgrade for future version of jMSN Pro. And the jMSN Pro can check for updated automatically and direct you to download the new version.

jMSN Pro, compatible Devices

BenQ P30, Motorola A1000, Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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