Interactive Voice Call Master (S60 2nd) for Symbian

Ultimate call control + interactive voice response solution! Let callers press keys to transfer thier call or play a quiz/joke with them. Like a CORPORATE TELEPHONY IN YOUR PHONE!
Interactive Voice Call Master (S60 2nd)
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Version: 1.50

OverviewsnAll-in-one, easy-to-use call control solution! nInteractive Voice Call Master's intuitive classification feature can let you divide incoming callers up to seven ngroups including: callers on any five lists or phonebook, callers not on al

Interactive Voice Call Master (S60 2nd) by: Mobisophy Technologies, Inc., last updated: 21/01/2006

Requirements: Symbian 7.0s

About Interactive Voice Call Master (S60 2nd)


All-in-one, easy-to-use call control solution! Interactive Voice Call Master's intuitive classification feature can let you divide incoming callers up to seven groups including: callers on any five lists or phonebook, callers not on all above, and hidden callers (those who conceal phone number). Then you can assign one of seven responses to each group. Possible responses includes: accept, interactive voice, busy tone, reject + send SMS, divert calls to, record conversation and mute the ringer.

Personal IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in your smartphone! If you chose IVR as a response to any group. It will answer callers of this group automatically and play a introduction greeting first, then wait callers to press keys to choose the possible actions, like transferring to other numbers, leaving a voice message,  etc... Looks like you own a personal IVR!

Furthermore, IVR can play quizzes or interactive jokes with your specified friends when they are calling you!Or play a happy birthday tune to your girl or boy friend when her or he is calling on birthday, then rings to prompt you a incoming call is waiting.
What you get• All-in-one, easy-to-use incoming call control solution First you can define un-limited profiles to meet you demands in any situation. In a profile, you can divide incoming callers up to seven groups: callers on five lists or phonebook (you have to define the list in advance), callers not on all above, and hidden callers (those who conceal phone number). IVCM will respond each group by one of following responses accordingly:
  • Accept
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Send busy tone
  • Reject + send the SMS texts that you defined
  • Divert calls to (implemented by call diversion)
  • Record conversation
  • Mute the ringer
Notice! Both parties will hear a beep every five seconds when call record is processing. These beeps are generated by you phone and can’t be muted, it is used to remind both parties that call record is on going.

• Personal and professional IVRWhen you assign a group of caller to response IVR, your phone will answer these callers automatically and respond them with a personal IVR that you recorded. An IVR is a various combination of six kind of actions. Possible actions include:
  • Key tone submenu
  • Leave a voice message
  • Transfer to an arbitrary phone number (implemented by 3-way conference)
  • Transfer to up to three arbitrary phone numbers (implemented by 3-way conference)
  • Play ringing tone
  • Return to upper menu
You can assign one of six actions to a phone key from 0 to 9, # and *. When callers press a key, the relative action will respond automatically. Choose action "Key tone submenu" will unfold a new submenu that contains 12 new keys. So you can assign actions continuously.

IVCM is shipped with 3 predefined IVRs examples. You can try the functions of IVR with these examples and are free to modify or delete them. Of course, you can add as many new IVRs as you wish.

• Various features to help you work easily
  • Tight integration with phone book feature help you to create customized lists easily
  • SMS templates help you to import SMS texts easily
  • Voice message box help you to replay messages and call back to original callers easily

• Flexible schedulerYou can define one-time or per-day schedules to enable profiles run automatically at specific time. For example, you can let scheduler activate an office-profile at work and a home-profile at home automatically. Or schedule a one-time holiday profile in advance to enjoy your relax time!

• Complete parameters can be tailored to your preferenceAdjustable parameters like:
  • Auto-run at power-on
  • Show indicator when running
  • Delay before IVR answering
  • Per call transfer timeout
  • Auto hanging up timeout after call transferred by IVR
  • Ringing timeout
  • And much more...

Main features
  • Most all-around call control solution on the market
  • Un-limited, definable profiles to meet all your demand in any situation.
  • Personal and professional IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Very fast and reliable key tone (DTMF) recognition engine that can work very well under a noisy environment
  • Super fast incoming call number recognition and search engine. It can determine an incoming caller whether on phonebook or a list within a part of a second, even phonebook/list contains thousands of contacts
  • Flexible scheduler to enable you activate profiles automatically
  • Real-time incoming call dialog monitoring by listening and/or looking at dialog view
  • Take over or reject a IVR-answered call anytime when IVR is still in action
  • Auto run at power-on
  • Show an indicator on phone and menu screen when running
User Guide

You can get an user guide at

Devices supported
  • Nokia 3230/6260/6600/6620/6630/6670/6680/6681/6682/7610/N70/N90
  • Panasonic X700/X800
Important NoticeDue to a hardware limitation of Nokia 6620 and Panasonic X700/X800, these devices can't play or record sound when a phone call is proceeding. This limitation prevents IVR and record conversation feature from working properly.

Interactive Voice Call Master (S60 2nd), compatible Devices

Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 7610, Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Panasonic X700, Panasonic X800

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