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Noah Test2
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Version: 1.5

Descriptionn      Renju is an ancient Chinese logic game.nThe first mentions about renju are dated four thousands years ago.nThe game was known as ?Kakugo?- ?five steps?(jp.), ?Goren?- ?five in a row?(jp.),n?Goseki?- ?five stones?(jp.), ?Gomoku

Noah Test2 by: Brent Test, last updated: 18/01/2006


About Noah Test2


      Renju is an ancient Chinese logic game.The first mentions about renju are dated four thousands years ago.The game was known as ?Kakugo?- ?five steps?(jp.), ?Goren?- ?five in a row?(jp.),?Goseki?- ?five stones?(jp.), ?Gomoku?.The term ?Renju?- ?pearl thread? was proposed by Chinese poet Tenry Kobayashi in 1899.
      Renju is a game for two players.The aim of the gamers is very simple: first who makes continuous line of five or more chips(also named ?stones?) is the winner. First move is for black stones for the central point of theboard which has 15 vertical and 15 horizontal crossed lines.Our variant of renju also known as ?free renju? has a restriction for the second move of black stones.
It must be done outside the central square of 5x5 cells.
  • Supported our Series 60 smartphones
  • Standard Series 60 user interface
  • Two game type (classic game, free style game)
  • Three game modes (Human-phone,Human-Human,phone-phone)
  • Tuning of phone think level (Three level)
  • Good phone play level (Human Style)
  • Display players win statistics
  • 7 days trial period

  • In future
  • More usable user interface
  • Increase phone game play level
  • Game over Bluetooth
  • Game over SMS messages
  • Game over GPRS

  • Requirements
  • Series 60 device. One of the phone: Nokia 6682, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6670,Nokia 6630, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6260, Nokia 7650, Nokia 7610, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia 3660, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3600, Nokia 3250, Nokia 3230, Nokia N91, Nokia N70, SendoX, Siemens SX1, Siemens SX2, Panasonic X700, Panasonic X800, Samsung SGH-D730, Samsung SGH-D720, Lenovo P930 etc.)
  • 200KB free phone memory

  • Noah Test2, compatible Devices

    Nokia 6600

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