Aspicore Cipher for Symbian

Notepad with password protection and encryption. Carry your secret numbers and other confidential textual data safely in your Series 80 device.
Aspicore Cipher
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Version: 1.00

Notepad with password protection and encryption.nCarry your secret numbers and other confidential textual data safely in your mobile device.nFast and simple to use.nFlexible: no fixed data fields.nConvenient search facility.nEasy data import and expo

Aspicore Cipher by: Aspicore Ltd, last updated: 08/09/2005

Requirements: Requires 208 kB RAM, 52 kB Flash.

About Aspicore Cipher

Notepad with password protection and encryption.Carry your secret numbers and other confidential textual data safely in your mobile device.Fast and simple to use.Flexible: no fixed data fields.Convenient search facility.Easy data import and export: copy/paste plain text through the clipboard.Backup encrypted data with standard Communicator tools, e.g. with Nokia PC Suite.Supported devicesSeries 80 2nd Edition (Symbian OS v7.0s)
  • Nokia 9300, 9500
Test the software by downloading the free trial version.The evaluation version can be started 15 times. If you want to continue using the program thereafter, you can purchase a registration key. The registration key is bound to your mobile device's serial number (IMEI) and each key is valid for one phone only.InstallationCopy the SIS file into your Series 80 device e.g. with a Bluetooth file transfer. Then you can use the "File manager" in your device to find accipher.SIS in the "Communicator/My files" folder.Open accipher.SIS. The installation should start. Delete the file accipher.SIS, when the installation has finished .There are alternative ways to install. You can use e.g. Nokia PC Suite or a MMC reader/writer.For more information, look at

Aspicore Cipher, compatible Devices

Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500

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