Best TaskMan for series 60 3rd edition for Symbian

Running applications and tasks control, ability to substitute built-in system task manager or work along with it, 'Windows Alt-Tab' style task switcher, Quickstart and much more.
Best TaskMan for series 60 3rd edition
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Version: 2.01

GeneralnWhen you start TaskMan you can see 3 main views: Open applications, nMemory and Quick start. You can switch between them withnleft/right cursor keys or by selecting the needed view from 'View' menu.nOpen applications viewnThis view shows th

Best TaskMan for series 60 3rd edition by: Smartphoneware, last updated: 02/07/2007


About Best TaskMan for series 60 3rd edition

GeneralWhen you start TaskMan you can see 3 main views: Open applications, Memory and Quick start. You can switch between them withleft/right cursor keys or by selecting the needed view from 'View' menu.
Open applications view This view shows the information about running applications. You can see what applications are running currently, switch to the needed application, get information about any running application, close some application or all applications at once. You may also see the amount of memory available at the end of the list.

This view substitutes the built-in task manager (if enabled in options) and task selecting navigation here is the same as in the built-in one. You canselect an application by using joystick or just pressing Menu key several timesto select the needed application and then long press Menu key to switch to the application.

You can also select in Settings not to substitute the built-in task manager but to define your custom taskman activation hotkey, in this case both Best TaskMan and the system task manager will work without conflicts at the same time (See Settings section in this documentaion for more information).

Hint: When this view is shown it automatically highlights the previously focusedapplication so you can cycle between 2 last applications in a fast way.Advanced configuration
You can select "Tasklist exceptions", and "'Close all' exceptions" from Settingsmenu in this this view:
  • Tasklist exceptions - Allows to define a list of applications that should be hidden in Open applications view. It can be very comfortable to hide some applications running in background all the time and you switch to them very seldom. This option also applies to TaskSwitcher applications list (see TaskSwitcher section in this documentation for more information).
  • 'Close all' exceptions - As 'Close all' command in Open applications view closes all non system applications you can set up here an additional list of applications that should not be closed with 'Close all' command.

Memory view This view shows brief and detailed information about your device memory, phone disk and memory card
Quick start view
Quick start view and Quick start launcher in actionThis view allows you to increase the productivity usage of your smartphone. You can place here all most used applications andaccess them very fast when you need them.

You can add an application to this list using "Add application(s)" command.Also you may use "Move up" and "Move down" commands (or shift+up/down keys) to arrange the applications.

You can start an application directly from this view but there is also Quick start launcher - a unique and very fast way to start favourite applications. To use it you need to define a "Quick start hotkey" in system settings. Then the Quick start launcher window will appear after pressing the hotkey. From navigation and behavior point of view Quick start launcher is similar to TaskSwitcher (please see TaskSwitcher section below for more information) but there is favorites aplications list instead of running tasks list.
Task Switcher
TaskSwitcher in actionTaskMan's Task Switcher is an alternative way to cycle applications (that requires much less key presses to switch between applications). TaskSwitcher has the same look and feel as "Alt-Tab on Windows". You can configure your own TaskSwitcher hotkey in 'Settings'. Default hotkey for it is "Shift+Menu".

For example you can set up Shift+Menu button for this action.Then press Shift+Menu any time you work with your device, keep Shift button pressed and hit Menu as many times as needed to select some application. Release Shift button to switch to the selected application instantly. Absolutely the same as Alt-Tab works on Windows.

Hint: While you keep Shift pressed as in our example you can also usecursor keys to select the needed application and release Shift button to switch to the selected application.One hand mode:

You can define any hotkey to use with TaskSwitcher. A hotkey consisting of Modifier (Shift,Fn,Ctrl) and other button could not be handy incertain situations, e.g. to use with one hand. So you can define TaskSwitcher key without any modifiers, e.g. to Dictaphone, Multimedia, Camera, etc key. If so TaskSwitcher will behave like the built-in onebut with improved functionality.

For example you can set up Dictaphone key to be used as TaskSwitcher. Then press Dictaphone key any time you work with your device and TaskSwitcher will appear. Hit Dictaphone key as many times as needed to select some application. Or use cursor keys to do it.Now long press Dictaphone key (for 1 sec) in order to switchto the selected application (Also you can press Ok or Enter buttons to do it as well). So you can hit Dictaphone button several times only (and no other key) to switch to any needed application fast and with one hand only.

Note: 'Shift' button on most Series 60 devices is graphically marked as 'Pen' on device keyboard.
Advanced viewsYou can access views that show advanced information about your device from "Views \ Advanced" menu. There are Processes, All open apps, and Installed apps views:
  • Processes - Shows all active processes. Allows to get information about them and terminate any 3rd party processes. Ending any system processes are not allowed. System processes are the ones that supplied and configured by the device vendor (in firmware).
  • All open apps - Shows the view similar to Open applications view but it also shows all hidden applications
  • Installed apps - Shows all installed applications on your device. Allows you to get various information about these apps as well.

SettingsUsing application settings you can override the default application behaviorand customise it to fit your needs.
  • "Taskman activation" - If it is set to "Instead of built-in one" then Best Taskman will replace the built-in task manager when you long press Menu key. If it's set to 'Custom key' then both Best TaskMan and system taskman can work at the same time.
  • "Activation hotkey" - Visible only when Taskman activation is set to 'Custom key'. It allows you to define a hotkey to pop up Best TaskMan from background.
  • "Switcher hotkey" - Allows you to define hotkey to use with TaskSwitcher.
  • "Quick start hotkey" - Allows you to define hotkey to use with Quick start launcher
  • "Autostart Taskman" - if enabled TaskMan will be automatically started in background when system starts

Taskman is Nokia E90 friendly
Taskswitcher on E90 screen. Control your device even better with Best TaskMan

Best TaskMan for series 60 3rd edition, compatible Devices

Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500d, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N95

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