EPCeipt Desktop for Symbian

Desktop Companion Product for EPCeipt, the revolutionary solution that allows you to use the camera in your cameraphone to photograph your expense receipts.
EPCeipt Desktop
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Version: 3.0

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EPCeipt Desktop by: EPC Technologies, last updated: 06/07/2005

Requirements: Compatible with the Nokia, 6670, 7610.

About EPCeipt Desktop

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      - Saving Hundreds of Dollars per Year. Step 1: Photograph Your Receipts With Your Cameraphone 
  • Every time you pay for an expense item, you use the camera in your Smartphone to photograph your receipt. You will be amazed at the quality.
  • If you are in a hurry, Record a voice tag to summarise the details of the expenditure.
  • Or else select from drop down lists for category, method of payment and other information.
  • If the expense can be reclaimed under Cross border VAT reclamation rules, you will be notified of how much you can claim.
  • For details of how cross border VAT reclamation works, check out our website at www.epc.com/ec-vat.htm
Step 2: Review them With the EPCeipt Desktop Application (Downloaded Separately)
  • You export your expenses to the EPCeipt desktop application and review them if necessary.
  • You then output an Excel spreadsheet with the images embedded and submit this to your finance department.
  • Then, simply send us your VAT relevant receipts. You already have a scanned image of them.
Step 3: We Reclaim the VAT for You
  • We create a VAT reclaim submission to the relevant VAT authorities and submit it on your behalf.
  • Depending on the country, you can reclaim up to 20% of your travel costs. A roadwarrior incurring $1000 dollars a month in expenses, could save up to $2,500 a year.
At Last a Solution that Is More than a ToyYou may have tried other phone based expense management applications and rapidly become frustrated with having to setup categories, customers and other information using a phone keyboard. You may also have used programmes that expect you to figure out how to get the information off the phone and into Excel yourself. EPCeipt is different. It has been developed by EPC (www.epc.com) a leading SAP consultancy with years of experience in implementing financial systems. We spotted the opportunity to address the mobile expense capture market and have invested 6 man years to develop a breakthrough product that is actually usable.EPCeipt has two components. The first is the phone application, which you are downloading now. The second is the EPCeipt Desktop which is also available from Handango. You use  EPCeipt Desktop to Synchronise your Data with the Desktop, manage your settings and export to Excel.And Best of All - Its Free When you have used EPCeipt for a little while, you will probably find yourself wondering at our business model. Why are we giving such a quality solution away for free. Well the answer is that we are giving the product away for free and making money on a related service. (We call it the Skype Business Model). The related service is Cross Border VAT recovery. For More information on VAT recovery, have a look at our website on www.epc.com/ec-vat.htm Feel free to tell your friends about EPCeipt and to invite them to download it for themselves.All the best The EPC Team Note: Ryanair is a trademark of Ryanair

EPCeipt Desktop, compatible Devices

Nokia 6670, Nokia 7610

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