Crystaix Jewelrumble v1.2 (for Communicators) for Symbian

Jewelrumble is an addictive and fun action-puzzle where you match jewels creating combos and advancing levels. Game includes an Internet highscore system! Get ready to rumble!
Crystaix Jewelrumble v1.2 (for Communicators)
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Version: 1.2.1

CrystaixnJewelrumblenis an incredibly addictive and funnaction-puzzle game, where you match jewels creating massive combos andnadvance levels. As rewards from good moves, 5 special items arenavailable. You also have amount of rumbles you can use to s

Crystaix Jewelrumble v1.2 (for Communicators) by: Mabax Interactive, last updated: 16/06/2005


About Crystaix Jewelrumble v1.2 (for Communicators)

CrystaixJewelrumbleis an incredibly addictive and funaction-puzzle game, where you match jewels creating massive combos andadvance levels. As rewards from good moves, 5 special items areavailable. You also have amount of rumbles you can use to shakenew jewels to the screen. Internet highscore system is featured, so you can share your scoresand download world scores with a press of a button. Be aware that whenyou start playing, you simply can''t stop. Get ready to rumble!
This is the newwide screen version (1.2) for Nokia Communicators (9000-series).

  • 5 special items.
    • Timebomb - Blastssurrounding jewels in 5 seconds of time.
    • Firestone - Whenselected it explodes all jewels within same row and column.
    • Nuke - Whenselected it blows surrounding jewels within the range of two.
    • Rowblaster - Thisone blasts all the jewels within the same row or column, depending onhowit is moved.
    • Darkstone - Whenyou swap a regular jewel with darkstone, the same type of regularjewels are removed from the screen (usually creating sweet combos).
  • Amazing graphics andunbeatable gameplay
    All jewels and items are smoothly animated andrendered with a 3D-appear and the UI and dialogs have a unique,high-quality look. Game is fun to play and you may find yourselfplaying for hours at a time.
  • Real-time Internethighscore system
    Share your highscores and compete against theworld! Game will alsodownload highscores from the server. In the web-hall of fame, you canalso see from which country each player is and bring glory toyour own. You can share your scores and get the world highscores fromthe server by simply selecting "send" from the Hall of fame-dialog

Snapshot image from the Internethighscores. Above image is an example and does not have realhigh-scores. Get your name to a dialog like above by playingJewelrumble. All real scores are at

Crystaix Jewelrumble v1.2 (for Communicators), compatible Devices

Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia 9290 Communicator, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500

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