AutoPilot (All-In-One Answering Machine) for Symbian

Super Answering Machine, Blacklist, Auto Responder, Personal Call Manager....All rolled into one easy to use program!
AutoPilot (All-In-One Answering Machine)
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Version: 1.1

AutoPilot - Personal Messaging AssistantnVersion 1.0 (for Symbian 7 & 8) nKiller Mobile's revolutionary program is finally available for the 6600/7610/6630/6260!n"Personalized greetings for every caller - One for your WIFE, one for your GIRLFRIEND!"

AutoPilot (All-In-One Answering Machine) by: Killer Mobile Software, last updated: 28/05/2005


About AutoPilot (All-In-One Answering Machine)

AutoPilot - Personal Messaging Assistant
Version 1.0 (for Symbian 7 & 8) Killer Mobile's revolutionary program is finally available for the 6600/7610/6630/6260!"Personalized greetings for every caller - One for your WIFE, one for your GIRLFRIEND!"Imagine being able to leave different greetings, for different callers - One for your boss telling him you''re running late to work. Another for your friends, saying you''ll meet them at the bar after work, and another for your girlfriend, saying how much you love her. Now imagine being able to not only leave personalized greetings, but also send out personalized text messages in response to a call, or even BlackList certain people you don''t wish to speak to. Now you can! You can do all of this and more with AutoPilot. AutoPilot effectively replaces three separate programs all for the price of just ONE! Not only that, but AutoPilot truly is the best Answering Machine type program available on the market. Go ahead, download a free trial version and see for yourself!Note: This version of AutoPilot is specifically for the Nokia 6600/7610/6630/6260. A version for other Series 60 Phone Models is also available. Please test prior to purchasingOverviewAutoPilot 6600/6620/7610/6630/6260 is the intelligent personal productivity solution, full featured personal messaging assistant application for the mobile phone models that are based on Series 60 platform running Symbian OS 7.0Personalized Messaging Assistant integrates capability of auto-responder, personalized voice responder, personalized SMS responder, blacklist and the voice recorder applications.Create different, personalized greetings for all of your friends, family, business contacts, clients and more! With AutoPilot you can accomplish the following tasks:
  • Set default auto response and save voice messages directly to your phone's internal memory without using your operator's voice mail
  • Set personalized voice responses and save voice messages
  • Personalized SMS responses (when somebody calls, the SMS response will be sent)
  • Reject unwanted calls (blacklist feature)
  • Call back the received call numbers
  • Save local voice clip files
  • Get complete call log
  • Playback saved voice messages
  • Transfer saved voice messages via Infrared, Bluetooth, Email or MMS
    The features of the AutoPilot program include:
  • Total control over the response parameters
  • Global status indicator of the program activity
  • Tight integration with contacts
  • Saving local voice clip files with the length longer than 1 minute
  • Saving voice messages and clips using AMR voice compression to decrease devices memory usage
  • Runs in the background
  • Extremely "lite" program (100kb) takes up very little disk spaceAutoPilot is a shareware application. You can use the trial version for 14 days. After this period you will need to purchase the program, otherwise it will be locked. Killer Mobile does not take any responsibilities on losing the personal data that may be entered into the program during the trial period.InstallationYou can install the program as a native Series 60 application. See your phone''s users guide for details. Installation requires 100 Kb of the free space on your device''''s memory disk.Note: Currently AutoPilot does not have any trusted certificate, this may cause warning in the installation process. However using the AutoPilot program is safe. Killer Mobile plans to get the Nokia OK certification of the Auto Pilot application in the nearest future. Every customer may request certified version of the program free of charge when it is available. Visit for more info.Note: Updates will be available free of charge. Check back here for update notices.For additional information contact us:
    © Killer Mobile 2006 All rights reserved
  • AutoPilot (All-In-One Answering Machine), compatible Devices

    Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7650

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