Traveler's DTMF Tone Dialer & Country Codes for Symbian

Dial phone numbers using landline phones from address book. Adapt your number to the landline dialing code easily with this app! Also Flip Closed mode, thumb dialer, country codes
Traveler's DTMF Tone Dialer & Country Codes
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Version: 1.3

Traveling abroad but afraid of expensive call charges from your cellphonenoperator? Why not just dial the number from your cellphone's address book usingna landline phone abroad? Introducing.... nTraveler's DTMF Tone Dialer v1.3nSimply put your

Traveler's DTMF Tone Dialer & Country Codes by: Gadgsoft, last updated: 06/04/2005

Requirements: A small memory space of 61KB

About Traveler's DTMF Tone Dialer & Country Codes

Traveling abroad but afraid of expensive call charges from your cellphoneoperator? Why not just dial the number from your cellphone's address book usinga landline phone abroad? Introducing.... Traveler's DTMF Tone Dialer v1.3Simply put your phone's speaker to the mouthpiece of the public phones, hotelphones or other landline phones and the Dialer will dial the number from youraddress book. Even more, it's intelligent enough to strip off the internationalcountry code and combine it with the dialing code that your hotel or publicphones need. With the Dialer, you can:
  • Select phone numbers from your address book or enter your own number.
  • Recognize several phone number formats from your address book and make variations of the phone number. The variations are a combination of the phone number
    - with country code, for international phone numbers
    - and without country code
    with user-supplied dialing codes ("prefixes"). With this feature, calling a number abroad are just a matter of clicks. You can supply as many prefixes as you want and the Dialer will faithfully present those combinations for you to choose to dial.
  • Use the Jog Dial for convenient navigating and dialing. Don't get messy with having to hold and tap the buttons on the cellphone and at the same time hold the public phone's mouthpiece. Conveniently use the jog dial to navigate and dial.
Bonus features:
  • Hotkey facility: Assign a hotkey for the Dialer and you can then start this app with a single touch either on flip-closed or flip-opened mode.
  • Flip-closed mode: Get the most essential dialling functionalities even when your phone's flip is closed for your convenience only.(Sony Ericsson Px phones)
  • Keypad dialer: dialer with big keypads -- you can dial with your thumbs!
  • International Country Calling Codes: look up and copy international country calling codes.
Example:Your friend, Irene, is living in USA and her phone number is entered as +1234-567890 in your cellphone's address book. You are going to visit USA and giveher a call from a hotel in New York. The hotel supplies a dialing code foroutside calls, i.e., you have to prefix her number with "09", butwithout the USA country code "+1". After entering "09" onthe Dialer's prefixes settings, the Dialer will present you 09 1 234 567890, butalso, intelligently, 09 234 567890. You just have to use the Jog Dial to selectand dial 09 234 567890 and put the cellphone to the hotel's mouthpiece. It'sthat simple.The Dialer is able to recognize several ways people enter their phone numbersand recognize the country codes from them. If it, somehow, doesn't, you canalways supply the length of the country code.Trial license. Limited to 25 uses.Change history:
  • 1.1: Internal address book handling improved.
  • 1.2: Added keypad, zoom, find facility, and the ability to delete items from the upper list. Also the contact is now sorted by name.
  • 1.3: Added international country code dialling prefixes, keypad dialer, hotkey and flip-closed mode functionalities.
Free upgrade to the latest version. Just download the latest binary, uninstall the previous version and install the latest version.

Traveler's DTMF Tone Dialer & Country Codes, compatible Devices

BenQ P30, Motorola A1000, Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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