GeoCam (N3230,N6600,N6260,N6620,N6670,N7610) for Symbian

Time and Location based Camera, Time and Location stamping your camera phone photos adds a new information dimension to visual content. It is a must have for Camera or GPS users.
GeoCam (N3230,N6600,N6260,N6620,N6670,N7610)
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Version: 1.7

GeoCam – Camera with time and location stamp,nTakes your camera phone to its fullest potential nGeoCam allows you to time and location stamp your camera phone photos. GeoCam works with and without a Bluetooth GPS. If you have a GPS, latitude, long

GeoCam (N3230,N6600,N6260,N6620,N6670,N7610) by: GeoPresent Pty Ltd, last updated: 01/04/2005

Requirements: Series 60 phone

About GeoCam (N3230,N6600,N6260,N6620,N6670,N7610)

GeoCam – Camera with time and location stamp,Takes your camera phone to its fullest potential
GeoCam allows you to time and location stamp your camera phone photos. GeoCam works with and without a Bluetooth GPS. If you have a GPS, latitude, longitude and altitude will be stamped besides the telco provided place name and country. If you do not have a GPS the place name and country will be printed on the photo.GeoCam features:
  • Date and Time StampDate Time format follows phone settings.
  • Location StampGeoCam knows your place name and country without GPS.
  • GPS InformationMultiformat options of Latitude, Longitude and Altitude.
  • CommentsUser can input Comments and print on the photos
  • G,C,CO,2D and 3D Sign DisplayThese signs are displayed on Camera View and help you what information GeoCam has at that moment. See some photo examples below. C blinks when the Cell (Place Name) is not available, C stops blinking when the Cell is available, it is available faster (within minutes) when the phone is outdoor or in motion, CO indicates whether the user comments will be printed, G blinks when the GPS data is invalid or in searching mode, 3D is displayed when latitude, longitude and altitude available or 2D when only latitude and longitude.
  • Background OptionThe text printed on photos can be with or without black background, This helps when the photo and the text color are not contrast enough.
  • Rectangle SignsThese signs are displayed on Camera View at the bottom and help you know which part of the photo will be covered with the text.
  • Other Standard FeaturesBacklight Management, Image Quality Options, Night Mode, Saving Option (Phone Memory or Memory Card), Image Name, Zoom, Online Help.
GeoCam has many uses:
  • LeisureOutdoor gaming - treasure hunting.
  • TravelWhen you stop and snap along a highway, railway or on some remote mountain track, years later, the photo will remind you or take somebody else to the same location. Good for archival purposes
  • BusinessMMS site location details for feasibility study in construction, survey, city planning, agricliture, parklands upkeep etc.
  • ScienceAccurately record and picture archeology and historical sites. Use GeoCam for documenting trees and plants for botanical studies and environment tracking.
  • WeatherRecord lighting, snowfall, river flow, tidal waves.
  • OtherRecord car crashes, accident sites ,UFO sightings, crop circles or any other accidental or rare phenomenon.
  • We will leave other uses to your creative imagination.
Value add the visual content of a photo with WHEN and WHERE details.Some Photos taken with full version GeoCam (Nokia 6600):
  • Photo with full stamp (date, time, place, country, latitude, longitude and altitude) taken when the sign was 3D

  • Another Photo (note altitude missing)

  • A record in time and space

  • You may not require a GPS always

  • Life is a treasure hunt game - come to think of it ...

GeoCam (N3230,N6600,N6260,N6620,N6670,N7610), compatible Devices

Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6670, Nokia 7610

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