BlackBaller (Call/SMS/MMS Filter) Blacklist for Symbian

BlackBaller is the best Blacklist utility on the market & is designed to block (reject) unwanted calls and messages (SMS/MMS). BlackBaller is a full featured & easy to use program
BlackBaller (Call/SMS/MMS Filter) Blacklist
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Version: 1.2

BlackBaller - Extreme Mobile Filter/ Blacklist Application for Series 60 Mobile Phones - Call/SMS/MMSn2006 © Killer MobilenRuns on All S60 1st & 2nd Edition Devices *n* Please test before purchasingnBlackBaller was the first program for the Nokia Ser

BlackBaller (Call/SMS/MMS Filter) Blacklist by: Killer Mobile Software, last updated: 23/03/2005

Requirements: 133Kb free disk space

About BlackBaller (Call/SMS/MMS Filter) Blacklist

BlackBaller - Extreme Mobile Filter/ Blacklist Application for Series 60 Mobile Phones - Call/SMS/MMS
2006 © Killer MobileRuns on All S60 1st & 2nd Edition Devices ** Please test before purchasing

BlackBaller was the first program for the Nokia Series 60 mobile phones to combine both Call & SMS/MMS filtering - and is still the best!

BlackBaller introduces the new Smart Reject Sensor system which allows you to modify your filter lists on the fly.

Protect yourself from unwanted calls and messages
Have you been BlackBalledBlackBaller is an Extreme Mobile Filter that is designed to block (reject) unwanted calls and messages (SMS/MMS). BlackBaller is a full featured and easy to use program which offers unique features such as message filtering, and the ultimate in user friendly features - Smart Reject Sensor. BlackBaller is the most user friendly and robust program of its kind.BlackBaller feature Summary:

  • Block unwanted calls and messages (SMS/MMS)
  • Supports two types of filters: Blacklists (Blocks all calls on list) and Whitelists (Blocks all calls except what are on the list).
  • Tight integration with phonebook. Availability to block groups, persons, numbers and private numbers. Also includes an advanced option for setting block expiration date.
  • Smart Reject Sensor - Ultimate ergonomic solution. When you reject a call the system automatically asks if you want to block this specific caller.
  • The real background mode. BlackBaller is highly integrated into your mobile device. It works silently without keeping the program open and hidden and using up a lot of system resources.
  • Complete log for rejected calls/messages.

    Note: BlackBaller works on Nokia Series 60 based smartphones. The program was fully tested on the Nokia 7650/3650/6600 devices. It should work on other series 60 devices. Please test the program on your mobile device prior purchasing.Note: BlackBaller offers a trial period of 14 days. After that time you should register your copy of the program, otherwise you will not be able to continue using it. Killer Mobile is not responsible for any lost personal data that you have entered into BlackBaller during the trial period. Detailed Instructions - Getting StartedInstall the BlackBaller.SIS installation package on your mobile device. Installation process is the same on all Series 60 phones. After installation is complete the BlackBaller icon will be listed in the phones menu. Run the program by pressing the joystick on its icon. First you will see the program logo for a few seconds, and then the program startup screen will be displayed. The initial list of filters will be empty. You need to create the new list. At the status bar you will see the text [On] 0 list(s), this means that BlackBaller is switched on (enabled, otherwise there will be displayed [Off]), and currently there are no lists. Press the left softkey to display the Options menu pane. Select the List menu item, and there press the New sub-item. This will initiate the new list creation.There will appear a dialog where you should set up the list options. The first option is the list name. The default list name will be assigned unless you specify a new one. The second option is the list type. There are two types of list: Blacklist and Whitelist. Blacklist means that all numbers/person/groups specified in the list will be blocked. Whitelist works using the opposite logic. All entries that are listed in whitelist will not be blocked; all other numbers will be blocked. The third option is Use to filter, when you press this option the checkbox list will pop up.There are two items: Call and SMS/MMS. If you check Call item then this list will filter all incoming calls, if you check SMS/MMS item, then the list will filter all received SMS and MMS messages. If you check both items then the list will be used to filter both calls and messages. You can change these options later if you wish. When you finish setting the new list options press the right softkey Back.Your newly created list will now be available.At the left side is the list type: Black, then comes list name My list, and at the right side there are two small icons: 1. Envelope, which indicates that this list is an active list that is used for SMS/MMS message filtering 2. Phone, which indicates that the list is an active list that is used for filtering calls. Next you need to add some entries to the list, the numbers/persons/groups that you want to block. Press the joystick on the list. And the program will go in the list edit mode. Currently the list is empty, and you will see (no entries) text on the screen. On the status pane there is displayed list name My list, and the entries count in the square braces [0]. Press the left softkey to display the Options menu pane. Here are the commands for adding numbers/persons/groups to the list. When you complete your list you can exit from the program, BlackBaller will work according to the list that you have specified and will reject all calls/messages from blocked callers.BlackBaller introduces an ultimate ergonomic solution - Smart Reject Sensor. In order to make Smart Reject Sensor work you should have active list (black or white) for filtering incoming calls.Copyright 2006 Killer Mobile - All Rights Reserved
  • BlackBaller (Call/SMS/MMS Filter) Blacklist, compatible Devices

    Nokia 3230, Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia N90, Nokia N91, Panasonic X700, Panasonic X800, Samsung SGH-D720, Samsung SGH-D730, SendoX, Siemens SX1

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