BlueEyes V1.21 for Symbian

BlueEyes is a configurable and complete image and animation viewer integrated in a powerful file explorer.
BlueEyes V1.21
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Version: 1.21

BlueEyes is a configurable and complete image and animation viewer integrated in a powerful file explorer. n The image viewer can:nSupport a lot of normal files (*.jpg,*.bmp,*.png,*.gif,*.jpeg,*.ico,*.ota,*.png,*.tiff,*.wbmp,*.wmf,*.jfif).nSupport anim

BlueEyes V1.21 by: Francis Bonnin, last updated: 22/02/2005


About BlueEyes V1.21

BlueEyes is a configurable and complete image and animation viewer integrated in a powerful file explorer.

The image viewer can:
  • Support a lot of normal files (*.jpg,*.bmp,*.png,*.gif,*.jpeg,*.ico,*.ota,*.png,*.tiff,*.wbmp,*.wmf,*.jfif).
  • Support animated (or container) files such *.mbm and *.gif (animation and transparency support).
  • View *.zan files. It is a new kind of animation file, that you can easily create yourself (Check the specific section about this file format).
  • Cycle through all the images of a directory (or of a specific request result).
  • Zoom into the image. The image can be automatically zoomed to best fit the screen size. A visual impact is performed when reaching some specific zoom levels (fitted to screen, normal size).
  • Rotate the image (this can automatically done to best fit the screen size).
  • Scroll the image (this is always possible using drag n' drop on the screen).
  • Change the speed of the animation file. The speed animation can be very quick, thanks to the 'stored in memory' frames and to the direct screen access of BlueEyes.
  • Study each frames of an animated image using the step by step display (forward and backward).
  • Perform a Slide Show of a defined delay.
  • Be controlled via the jog dial or via an on screen display (OSD) displayed onto the possibly animated image.
  • Display In the OSD, information related to the image display and animation.
  • Add a coloured (according to the image itself) background around the image when the image is smaller than the screen.
  • Preload the next and the previous images for a quicker display.
  • Go into a degraded mode (using low colours), if there is not enough memory.
  • Permanently set the light on, during the image display.
The file explorer can:
  • Explore a directory hierarchy. The list representation linked with a scroll bar allows a quick access to the different items.
  • Add some favourites to the main directory list, thus providing some quick access to the preferred folders.
  • Perform some specific searches in multiple directories and using wildcards and recursive support. Those requests can be saved as favourites too.
  • Sort and randomise the list of files and directories.
  • Display the thumbnails of the internally supported images.
  • Launch any file with it's default viewer.
  • Open a file with a specific program (the specified program may support this option).
  • Send a file via BlueTooth, IR, MMs,?
  • Set a selected image as the internal or default theme background.
  • Get some information about a file (such as it's name which can be copied to the press paper).
  • Be fullscreen, in order to maximise the display.
Some other features are :
  • The configuration dialogs are a big part of BlueEyes, Thanks to them, you''ll be able to personalise its Look, Layout, Behaviour and special effects.
  • The included help file is complete and explains all the features and options of BlueEyes.
  • In BlueEyes, everything can be done either using the jog dial or using the touch screen.
  • Some fancy animations and sound effect are included (they can be deactivated). They are performed when entering, exiting the program and while cycling from one image to another.
  • BlueEyes supports shell association. You can launch it giving an image as parameter. The new *.zan file format is directly associated to BlueEyes. Thus clicking on a *.zan file in any file browser will launch BlueEyes.
  • Blue eyes look can be integrated to the phone''s one thanks to a theme support.

This Program is a DonationWare. For more description and information, please check my homepage

BlueEyes V1.21, compatible Devices

Motorola A1000, Motorola A925, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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