TimeLog4U for SonyEricsson P800/P900/P910 for Symbian

TimeLog4U is the most powerful Time Management software for Symbian smartphones. Log or record your time in activities, Projects/Tasks, create Templates, Reports with grouping etc
TimeLog4U for SonyEricsson P800/P900/P910
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Version: 1.033

What is TimeLog4Un nWhat is TimeLog4U?n nTimeLog4U  nis a powerful software that has to do with recording and managing your Time.nWith TimeLog4U you may either record or log your ntime spent on a specific Activity, for a specific Pro

TimeLog4U for SonyEricsson P800/P900/P910 by: Apps4U, last updated: 20/01/2005

Requirements: Requires AppForge Booster (Included)

About TimeLog4U for SonyEricsson P800/P900/P910

What is TimeLog4U What is TimeLog4U? TimeLog4U  is a powerful software that has to do with recording and managing your Time.

With TimeLog4U you may either record or log your time spent on a specific Activity, for a specific Project/ Task and Client/ Customer or just for yourself. Then, you may view time spent in several ways: Time spent per Day, per Activity, per Project/ Task, Group of activities, or per any combination of the above, from a specific day, month etc. up to another! These views may be saved as Reports, and then exported to Excel or Word or Access for further manipulation. Reports may also be saved as html (internet) files, viewed with a browser, and may be sent via email to clients or associates.

Any activity may be recorded in real time, with a powerful Timer, or may be logged anytime in a special form. TimeLog4U lets you: 
  • Record your Time while you work in real time, with a flexible and powerful Time Recorder
  • Log your time and allocate it to Activities and Projects/Tasks through an easy to use form of Daily Activities.
  • Create an unlimited number of Activities, describing the work you do, in order to assign or record your time to them
  • Group Activities the way you like, so as to be able to see your time spent in group of Activities, also
  • Create an unlimited number of Projects with unlimited Tasks each one of them
  • Group Tasks  in folders of similar Tasks.
  • Projects may be assigned to customers, and grouped by customer in views and Reports
  • Create Project Templates from any projects, storing all its task structure, and reload it to a new similar Project.
  • View your time logs by Year, Month, Date, Activity, Project/Tasks.
  • Define how much you charge each customer or project or task, by assigning different hourly rates to different Projects or Tasks, or even daily logs!
  • Create any Report you imagine with a powerful Report Generator, that lets you define the Report structure, Report grouping
  • Define Filters for each Report, so as to narrow the outcome to specific Customer, Project, Activity or Task, Date, Month, Year, or any combination of the above!
  • Export your Reports in either Excel format, or CSV format, to further manipulate your data with almost any program you like.
  • Export your Reports in HTML email format, so as to send them to Customers or Associates via email.
  • Define your Options on how you want TimerLog4U to appear or behave.
  • As all Apps4U products, it comes with extensive online Help, (even with online Field Help!), installation instructions etc., and a unique user interface, much more PC-like that phone like, far away from the hectic Java interface.
 RequirementsAppForge Booster operating system extension for mobile devices is required on your device. If you do not already have it, you may:
  • Install it from you P800/900/910 CD
  • From the Booster.sis included in TimeLog4U package.
  • Buy the latest version from: http://www.appforge.com/products/booster/index.html (choose Booster for SonyEricsson P800 or P900).
  • TimeLog4U for SonyEricsson P800/P900/P910, compatible Devices

    Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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