Explorer4U File Manager P800/P900/P910 for Symbian

The only file manager with the functionality and look and feel of Windows File Explorer, a tree- like folder structure, details/ icons/ thumbnail views, Search, even a Recycle Bin
Explorer4U File Manager P800/P900/P910
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Version: 1.02

What is Explorer4U File Managern nWhat is Explorer4U File Manager?n nExplorer4U nis a unique File Manager with the functionality and familiar look and feel of nWindows File Explorer! Whatever you can do with Windows Explorer, you can do th

Explorer4U File Manager P800/P900/P910 by: Apps4U, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Requires AppForge Booster (it is included in the zip file)

About Explorer4U File Manager P800/P900/P910

What is Explorer4U File Manager What is Explorer4U File Manager? Explorer4U is a unique File Manager with the functionality and familiar look and feel of Windows File Explorer! Whatever you can do with Windows Explorer, you can do the same (and sometimes more) with Explorer4U, and in the same familiar way, with the same commands, tools, Button  Bars etc! Its sleek user interface is a breath of fresh air compared with the "familiar" clumsy smartphone interface. Explorer4U lets you: 
  • Choose among a single or twin pane tree-like view of your Folders and Files. You may adjust the height of both panes simply by dragging their header with your stylus.
  • Choose how you want to see your files:
The Details view lets you see file name and size.The Icons view, further  to the Details, lets you see small icons of your picture filesWith the Thumbnails view, instead of Icons, you see thumbnails of your picture files, that may be adjusted in size. 
  • You may choose if you want to see Rom Drives and/or System Folders, and Explorer4U protects the integrity of the system by not allowing accidental or intentional destructive actions on these drives and folders.
  • By choosing a file, you may, according to what it is, run it, open it, view it, see it in the Internet, play it, and if it is a picture file, zoom it, rotate it, see it in full size!
  • You may also see a full file or folder info, and you may change its attributes, see the Drive''s size and used/remaining space graphically.
  • You may create new folders and rename existing ones, and choose one or multiple folders or files to cut, copy, paste or delete. But...no more accidental deletes of precious files! Explorer4U offers the only Recycle Bin available in a smartphone, with full Restore functionality of files or whole directories, even Restore of subsequent deleted versions of the same File/Folder!
  • A full Search capability on selected directories, drives or on the whole phone, lets you easily locate any file or folder matching part or whole file name, starts with/ends with etc.
  • A unique Favourites "virtual" folder lets you store and quickly access the most commonly used directories or files. A handy button bar with all the familiar Windows Explorer buttons lets you quickly execute almost all commands with one touch of the stylus. And whenever you leave Explorer4U, next time you open it you will be exactly where you left, with all your choices intact!
  • As all Apps4U products, it comes with extensive online Help, installation instructions etc.
 Trial (Demo Version)Trial Version has the following limitations:
  • After the 4rth file or folder in a directory, file and folder names are shown with asteriscs (*), keeping the first and last letters (DemoFile.txt is shown as D*******t). Actual file/folder names remain the same, and you may do any action on them (copy, paste etc).
  • It may be run 5 times.
  • RequirementsAppForge Booster operating system extension for mobile devices is required on your device. If you do not already have it (it is included in P800, P910), you may install it from the included Booster.sys, or purchase the latest version from:http://www.appforge.com/products/booster/index.html (choose Booster for SonyEricsson P800, P900 or P910). 

    Explorer4U File Manager P800/P900/P910, compatible Devices

    Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910

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