MobileSecretary for P900 for Symbian

Let the this Simple and Easy to use's MobileSecretary keep all your secret informations in one place securely
MobileSecretary for P900
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Version: 1.10

A “Mobile Secretary” that helps you to keep all your secret/sensitive data in one place.nUnique Featuresn - Simple and easy interface (wizard)n - Data is encryptedn - Allow custom form generationn Descriptionn MobileSecret

MobileSecretary for P900 by: ExWeb Tech Centre, last updated: 15/11/2004


About MobileSecretary for P900

A “Mobile Secretary” that helps you to keep all your secret/sensitive data in one place.Unique Features
- Simple and easy interface (wizard)
- Data is encrypted
- Allow custom form generation
MobileSecretary is your personal assistant that help you to keep/store your data in secure way. It encrypts your data and store properly in your mobile phone. You can easily access your stored data any time, any way.You can store your credit card details, any system's login details, bank account informations, web login accounts (user name and password), addresses, URL and much more.You can even create your custom forms to suite your need!For example, if you are a Insurance Sales Agent, you can create a custom forms, that can store your customer’s detail; If you are in Multilevel Marketing Business, you can use it to create a custom form, that can store all your down line/group details. This is the unique feature of MobileSecretary!MobileSecretary will automatically save your data and shutdown properly when you flip your P900 keypad closed. It is also will shutdown properly when your application goes to background. This is to prevent unauthorized access to your information. MobileSecretary make use of Wizard Style, which is allow you to go “Back” if you wish to change your setting during record addition or custom form creation.And the good news is: you can get a fully functional Edition copy* for FREE and use for an UNLIMITED TIME! Just download and start using it today!
* Limited 3 entries at any time.If you perfer to bring more information together while you are on the road, just purchase one copy of MobileSecretary for P900, Unlimited Edition.All future upgrade are free of charge!

MobileSecretary for P900, compatible Devices

Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900

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