LoanAnalyst for P800/P900 for Symbian

Loan calculation and analysis program with amortization, loan spread, refinance calculator, saving, SMS options. Friendly interface for individuals and pros.
LoanAnalyst for P800/P900
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Version: 1.10

LoanAnalyst n for Sony Ericsson P800/P900n LoanAnalyst n is an easy to use comprehensive loan and mortgage tool for property buyers n as well as real estate professionals. Packed with a number of powerful loan n analysis featur

LoanAnalyst for P800/P900 by: Softtrends Software Pvt. Ltd., last updated: 15/11/2004


About LoanAnalyst for P800/P900

LoanAnalyst for Sony Ericsson P800/P900 LoanAnalyst is an easy to use comprehensive loan and mortgage tool for property buyers as well as real estate professionals. Packed with a number of powerful loan analysis features, it makes taking difficult loan decisions easy. The intutive user interface with a built-in popup calculator makes it easy to enter and manage loan parameters. Export to file and SMS ability comes in handy for sharing confogured loans with other, or same them on the PC for future reference. Version 1.10 Changes
  • Supporting Regional number formats e.g. 1,234.56 1.234,56 1'234.56 1 234,56
  • Supports Loan calculations and amortization for longer terms e.g. 45yrs
  • Larger keys for Calculator number input panel
  • Enhanced calculation algorithm
Calculate Payment, Rate and Loan Amount
  • Just enter the Property price, down payment as absolute value or %, Interest rate, Term, and tap to calculate the Payment.
  • Calculating Property price you can afford, or Rate you are being offered when Payment information is available is also as simple as calculating Payment.
  • Enter Term as years or months
  • Calculate Payment as Monthly or Bi-weekly
  • SMS loan parameters, and calculated value to a friend or client
Loan Spread Calculator saves time Looking at a loan but don’t know how much you can afford? ... Use the Loan Spread calculator. Enter a set of value for Property Price, term and rate ... LoanAnalyst will show you your payment for 10 sets of combination around your desired parameters. You can view the spreads for
  • Loan Value / Rate for the same Term
  • Loan Value/ Term for the same Rate
  • Term / Rate for the same Loan Value
Looking to Refinance? Compare it here Looking to refinance a loan to reduce monthly payment or accumulate more equity? ... Use the LoanAnalyst Refinance calculator. Enter your original loan and refinance loan parameters and enter the number of months you intend to hold the property .... get the savings from payment, quity and interest payment calculated for you by LoanAnalyst with a single tap. Amortization table viewable multiple ways Get a complete loan amortization table displayed and Saved at your option, for your loan. The Amortization table is displayed monthly or bi-weekly payments based on the Payment terms selected by you.
  • Complete amortization table display. Scroll, page by page or line by line
  • Amortization for monthly interest and principal payment
  • Amortization showing cumulative interest, principal payments and the remaining balloon payment
Manage, Export and Share Loan parameters with LoanSMS
  • Save option allows you to save configured loans with names to identify them.
  • SMS Loan parameters to people in your contact list or otherwise
  • Save Amortization table in .CSV format that can be copied to Desktop using the PC Suite and opened using any program (e.g. MS Excel)
This application was written with AppForge MobileVB for the Sony Ericsson P800/P900. The AppForge Booster required to run the application is included in the package   

LoanAnalyst for P800/P900, compatible Devices

Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900

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