ADnota PMA 3650/7650 for Symbian

ADnota Personal Memo Assistant (PMA) is a novel tool for fast recording and easy retrieval of personal voice and multimedia memos.
ADnota PMA 3650/7650
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Version: 1.01

ADnota Personal Memo Assistant for Nokia 3650 and 7650n ADnota Personal Memo Assistant (PMA) takesn voice memos to a new level by integrating multimedia content andn advanced voice retrieval as well as message sending fac

ADnota PMA 3650/7650 by: adnota GmbH, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Nokia 3650 with MMC or Nokia 7650, 500kB FLASH, 2MB RAM

About ADnota PMA 3650/7650

ADnota Personal Memo Assistant for Nokia 3650 and 7650 ADnota Personal Memo Assistant (PMA) takes voice memos to a new level by integrating multimedia content and advanced voice retrieval as well as message sending facilities. The dictation machine oriented interface makes voice memoing quick and hassle-free. ADnota PMA Key Features Easy Recording of Voice Memos Multimedia Integration Going beyond the usual voice only memos, the ADnota PMA allows you to enrich recordings with photos, video clips, sound clips and text notes. Or - from a photographer''s point of view - to create a photo gallery with audio comments and voice retrieval. Voice Retrieval and Search Functions The voice retrieval function lies at the heart of the ADnota PMA''s usability concept. To retrieve the memo your interested in, just push a button and say one or several keywords. The search engine compares your query to the voice tags of your messages and produces a best-first list of the memos. Moreover, the ADnota PMA also features date and text search and search refinement. Messaging To share your data with others or to transfer it to other devices the ADnota PMA features various communication channels. You may send memos or parts of them via MMS or e-mail making your ADnota PMA a convenient Multimedia Messaging Editor. Categorisation For friends of classic folder oriented categorisation the ADnota PMA also supports pre-defined and user-defined categories. The "To-do", "Shopping" and "Ideas" folders give the casual user an easy start. Others may create e.g. a "diary" folder to house a multimedia diary or maintain a "citations" database. Dictation Oriented Interface The ADnota PMA''s easy-to-use interface is designed to keep keypad action to a minimum while being intuitive and reflective of the important functions. The navigation diagram displays the different actions assigned to the moving senses of the scroll key/joy pad. Content specific icons provide a quick qrasp of all views. Download manual english (pdf). german (pdf).

ADnota PMA 3650/7650, compatible Devices

Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 7650

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