MyWallet-Lite for P800/P900 for Symbian

Application for storing personal informations in a secure and simplified way using templates!
MyWallet-Lite for P800/P900
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Version: 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 notesn- Now compatible with SE P900!!n- Minor bug fixesnVersion 1.2 notesn- Now compatible with all firmware version!!n- Improved stabilityn- Thumbnail image browser fixesn- Password is now obfuscated (in password dialog)n- Minor bug

MyWallet-Lite for P800/P900 by: SInteS S.r.l., last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: None.

About MyWallet-Lite for P800/P900

Version 1.2.1 notes
- Now compatible with SE P900!!
- Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2 notes
- Now compatible with all firmware version!!
- Improved stability
- Thumbnail image browser fixes
- Password is now obfuscated (in password dialog)
- Minor bug fixes

MyWallet is a personal information manager with great features that allows you to store important informations of any type in one place.

Each information is based on a template that you can create modify and remove from templates internal database.

A template is marked with a custom image (32x32 gif/jpeg) that you can import from filesystem during creation and edit of templates.

In non-lite version informations can be imported / exported as well as templates for backup and/or copy.

MyWallet offers a great user interface for instant information retrieval, based on a main tree where you can define many wallets (each of one protected by a separated password (non-lite version)), many folder (non-lite version), and informations.

MyWallet store your informations encrypting with a secure and fast 128 bit key-length algorithm (Blowfish).

Following description is based on non-lite version of MyWallet

Detailed description:
This is the main tree of MyWallet, it is fully configurable, you can enable/disable tree lines, node explosion and icons.

Each information is based on a custom template. You can also customize aspects such as background image (centered and stretched)... This is the main preferences dialog based on a tab control, within this dialog you can customize your personal environment It's possible to select the default image or select one from the image browser Ok, this is the image browser, you can see how MyWallet lets you to select a custom image, showing the image size, image diemensions and type Like other Symbian applications, MyWallet works with three levels of zoom: small, medium and large, in this screenshot you see the "small" mode In this screenshot you see the "large" mode A Wallet can be created from a template, this is the main template management interface You can see the New/Edit field dialog box, that you can invoke by pressing the new/edit button when you are managing templates The creation/modify of a template happens through the edit template dialog box... You can export and import Wallets as well as templates When you create a new information in your wallet (or folder), MyWallet shows a dialog box in which you can select the appropriate template for you information Once in a information view, you customize the template by adding, edit and remove fields (you can also change the icon for the information at any time!) Information view is a rich environment in which you manage your secrets... (you can show/hide private informations by clicking on the show/hide button) You can specify long descriptive informations in this text area box... Great! you can "hand-write" your secrets in this section, this informations will be encrypted with other information data!

All future upgrades are free of charge!

Non-Lite Version enhancements
- You can define folders
- You can import / export wallets
- Yout can import / export templates
- Background image customization
- Hand-write informations (great!)
- Information can be structurally changed any time (template indipendent)
- Information icon is changeable (template indipendent)

MyWallet-Lite for P800/P900, compatible Devices

Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900

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